Can Valve Really Make a Sequel For a Game They Didn’t Create?

Kotaku - Gabe Newell has a problem.

The outspoken co-founder of Valve can't seem to get enough of one of his company's upcoming games. He's so into DOTA 2 that he temporarily moved his office to be closer to the team making it. In a recent interview with Kotaku he said that he's logged some serious, serious hours playing the action strategy game.

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ATi_Elite3098d ago

Steve "Guinsoo" Feak was from what i can gather the first person to mod Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne map and make Dota All Stars.

Steve left to go work for Riot Games and make League of Legends but upon leaving left all the Dota stuff to Icefrog

Icefrog became the owner/caretaker of Dota and then Icefrog got hired by Valve.

unlike Blizzard Valve went and Trademarked the rights to the Dota name. DoTa2 will not have anything in it trademarked by Blizzard or WarcraftIII but will have the old characters in it from Dota.

NuclearDuke3097d ago

Eul was the first person to "create" Defense of the Ancient. He released the RoC(Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos) version of Defense of the Ancient in 2003.

Steve "Guinsoo" Feak took Defense of the Ancients to DotA Allstars after Eul stopped developing it and formed a version with more coding.

Icefrog took over when Guinsoo faded away from the DotA Allstars updating - Creating DotA, not DotA Allstars or Defense of the Ancents, but DotA.

Icefrog himself took DotA from a mediocre mod to a hugely successfull competitive scene. The reason for DotA becoming so huge and the release of Heroes of Newerth & League of Legends is due to Icefrogs capability of creating a competitive game with focus on balance and teamplay.

Yes, Valve is in every right to create a DotA sequel, as they have hired the man who was in charge of bringing DotA from the lurking depths of to platforms outside the game, such as Garena & Dotalicious (amongst many) with million of players on each.

Valve has trademarked Dota2 & Dota3 to protect their games. Another known DotA kid called "Pendragon" who hosted the well known DotA site, dota-allstars, filed for trademark on DotA. Blizzard has the trademark "Blizzard DOTA" and that's how the cookie crumbles.

Valve with Icefrog has 100% right to create a sequel and the player who possesses the Icefrog card, has the winning hand.

AfricanWoolf3097d ago

Valve haven't made an original game since Half-Life. Every other game is a mod they've bought, along with the modding team to develop in house.

This is how Valve operate. Nothing new.

Letros3097d ago

Not disagreeing, but a lot of people don't know that Blizzard didn't originate Diablo, and WC/SC are direct rips from Warhammer/40k, respectively.

Alos883097d ago

Obsidian make practically nothing but sequels to established franchises.

FlashXIII3097d ago

Didn't valve already make sequels for games they didn't make the originals for? CS Source and DoD Source come to mind.

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