Gamepro Editorial: Buy Now, Pay Now, Pay Later

Pete Davison writes: I won't lie, this news made me a bit angry.

On the surface it's a relatively good idea -- Gears, as a game which will undoubtedly be successful and played online for many months to come, is sure to have plenty of DLC already planned, so why shouldn't gamers be able to effectively "preorder" the add-ons for a lower price? There are doubtless those who will happily throw down 60 notes for a copy of Gears and then purchase the Season Pass without a second thought. This will put their total cost for Gears of War 3 up to the $90 mark but ensure they won't have any ongoing costs as new stuff comes out for the game. It's like the "lifetime subscription" option which a lot of new MMOs offer, only marginally cheaper. Except you're not playing a continually-shifting MMO -- you're playing a game which will apparently get four packs of DLC over its lifetime.

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SuperBeast8113092d ago

I dont see the problem it just a prepurchase pack for hardcore gears fans you dont have to buy it and more than likely it will just be a cut level and some map packs 30 bucks is about right FYI i wont buy it but I can see some people getting a good deal out of it

pangitkqb3092d ago

And if the DLC is absolutely awful, anyone who buys it is out $30 for nothing.

SuperBeast8113092d ago

True but its their money not mine so thats why i dont see the problem they aint getting my money bro LOL

trunker3092d ago

like SuperBeast said hardcore gears fans first and foremost - i don't imagine many new to the series will jump at this

also you could say same for any DLC, average 800MSP - 1200MSP, whether COD, LA Noire or Gears you dunno it's a dud till you buy it.

those 'into' gears will get the DLC anyway as core gamerbase will be segmented into the all inclusive playlists/maps, some maps WILL be meh but horde ignores map symmetry etc and is all about survival so no losses on duff maps really

it's not a time limited pack, peeps will get the chance to play single player, horde 2.0, beast mode and scope out the pre launch DLC previews/montages for at least the first or four packs to decide if they want in ...otherwise purchase them stand alone AND skip any potential 'absolutely awful DLC' and make even greater saving by buying for example 2 of 4 at full price and probably still cheaper than the season pass (50% compared to 33%)

The real Colombian3092d ago

Wow I just read an article identicle to this.

Irishrocket693092d ago

Didn't L.A. Noir and MK have season pass support on both the Xbox and PS3?