Bad Influence

If you've been unfortunate enough to see a Daily Express headline recently, you may have been exposed to something along the lines of: "Fatal Console Manhunt Of Skiving Blue-Tongued Immigrant Gamers Killed Our Princess." Besides political wrongheadedness, conspiracy theories about decade-old car crashes and Sudoku, there's nothing Britain's sensationalist tabloids enjoy more than drawing dubious links between gaming hijinx and every single crime committed in the entire country.

All rather overblown, of course. If games had ever possessed the level of influence hypothesised by certain contemporary columnists, the world around us would have been reduced to smoking wreckage many moons ago. Can't quite believe that 8-bit machines would teach such malevolence? Then please take a standard-issue white coat and follow the pulsing floor lights towards the scientific research area, as EG:R expose the deeply disturbing lessons taunt by the murky underbelly of 1980s software...

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MK_Red4922d ago

"it turns out criminality can be accurately determined by how much a person enjoys playing the Grand Theft Auto franchise... "
Good one EG, bubbles for Eurogamer for that fun. Sad and true. Every where is like this. Whenever a maniac kills some people, media, polititians and others start determining how many hours the person has spent on GTA, Manhunt or Doom and for those idiots, it's like there is no other thing that could have led the killer into the killing spree... only games. Games bad... They think that if there were no games in this world, it would have been the perfect world without a single crime, no thief, no killer, no rapist. All of them are result of violent games, yeah ban and censor the games.

Not looking for the real influences and reasons behind those crimes and instead trying to blame something like games is the easy way but IMO, the media, polititians and people who blame games for everything are no better than the killers and rapists that they accuse of playing games...