From pixels to polygons: Blocky game characters get rounder

Hollywood movie stars get cosmetic surgery to look younger, so why can't video-game characters shed their pixels for dazzling, 3D makeovers? You would get some work done as well if you looked like a pile of Lego puke....

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illegalyouth3094d ago

So...we've come a long way?

LockeCole3094d ago

Hey, I've been getting rounder as I get older, too.

choadley3094d ago

Forgot that there were Duke Nukem games before Duke Nukem 3D.

NagaSotuva3094d ago

For years I thought Samus was a robot.

Quagmire3093d ago

Lol, what was your reaction to finding out that not only was Samus human, but that it was also a girl (unheard of in those times I'm sure)

NagaSotuva3093d ago

I was pleasantly surprised. I've been a fan of tough chicks like her ever since.

CaptainMarvelQ83094d ago

The Pixelated versions have more of a comical feeling

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