Call of Duty screwing gamers, and gamers are loving it Writes:

It seems that the plan here for the developers (Or rather, their studios) is to slowly make the line of DLC for a game rise above the actual on-disk content. The excuse of them not being able to complete the maps on time can’t be used, since the engine has been in use for years and they have been creating the maps since Modern Warfare 2. As consumers, we’re slowly buying into a path where we pay for the right to play the game, then buy installations of it so that we can actually enjoy it.

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Big_L3100d ago

The problem is, they aren't even worried anymore about how much gamers will take before their sales dip. They are making a killing while taking more and more online aspects into a post-sale market

NuclearDuke3100d ago

I don't get this article. We are still getting the same content as we did with Call of Duty 4:Modern Warfare and Call of Duty 5: World at War. A single player campaign and a multiplayer. The new content that the studios create is charged for. All of a sudden, charging for extra content is bad. Why is it so? Sure - I don't agree with the $15 price tag on five new maps, but the concept isn't any worse than an Expansion with additional skins, zones or items.

Call of Duty adds >additional< content for a price. They don't take something away from you and charge for it. If its map packs or a expansion pack, same shit really. It's still new content for a price. I never actually bougth a Call of Duty DLC, but I don't see nything wrong except for the large price.

Dart893100d ago

*Call of Duty screwing gamers, and gamers are loving it.

No Just the mindless idiots who can't see what's happening are the ones getting screwed any person with a brain should know when enough is enough.

sack_boi3100d ago

Developper keeps making a game I like, I keep buying it because I still like it; you mad? Yes you are. Wanna cry? Go ahead.

Miiikeyyy3100d ago

You're a disgrace to gamers everywhere. COD's mediocre and their DLC is far too expensive for too little. There's tons of other games to play and spend less money on.

2pacalypsenow3100d ago

why would he cry ? your the one getting screwed

radphil3100d ago

"I keep buying it because I still like it"

It's the same thing druggies say when they don't want to stop. It hurts them in the long run, but they don't care.

evrfighter3100d ago

hey come on now people

there are some people out there like sack_boi that swing that way. just because he likes it from that end, there's no need to hate.

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tiffac0083100d ago

Because the publishers know they have a market audience known as the tweeners which buy games using their parents money.

So more than likely that audience will purchase by trend than by any economic common sense and that is a large market.

fullymoated3100d ago

The dozen console gamers I know are in their late 20's / early 30’s and play CoD. BF series looks and performs sub-par on consoles, it uses too many resources on large maps, destructible environments, vehicles, and high number of players. Despite what the fans say both franchises do not play much differently from 5 years ago, CoD will continue to be the choice through at least this gen of consoles, as Frostbite 2's awesomeness is useless on 5 year old hardware. Sorry.

tiffac0083100d ago (Edited 3100d ago )

You and me both, I'm not discrediting that there are mature gamers playing these popular titles. All I'm saying that the screaming children online are a huge market too.

So even if older gamers like us gets tired of their games or stop playing or whatever. The publishers will always have a demographic to tap into.

MRMagoo1233100d ago

The average gamer age is supposed to around 30 or more so i cant imagine there would be any where near as big a cod market if adults stopped buying the games.

wenaldy3100d ago

Silence of the lambs..

gazgriff2k123100d ago

black ops cost me £20 (tesco midnight launch cost £40 got a free £20 psn card) and ive got all the map packs free though game sharing. that said id have no proplem paying £80 (full game and map packs) for a game that last me all year and always got friends (real life) to play with. the only other games i play all year is fifa (no reason for DLC). and GT5 (would pay £80 for full game and 4 DLC's). its not a rip off and if you dont like call of duty dont buy it, comment on it or care about it then. theres much worse thing going on in the games industry, EA envented online passes and silly pre order bonuses and r now spying though origin. capcom release 20 versions of same game. bethesda release there games half done. ect ect.

ps. battlefield 3 will b worth £80 aswell imho

Ravenor3100d ago

Spending the equivalent of the cost of the game at launch on DLC alone is a problem. You shared it though, so while it didn't cost you anything, it does label you a smelly pirate. Grats.

Btw, EA did not create Online passes they have been around in the form of CD keys on PC games for a long time. Steam also watches your habits but doesn't sell it to a third party unless you allow it. Capcom might release 2 new versions of popular fighting games, but this is no different then SF2 it happened then, it happens now. Morrowind, Oblivion, Fallout 3 etc all ran fine and seemed fairly complete at launch.

You play 3 games over the course of the year, gtfo.

theEx1Le3100d ago

So now gamesharing makes you a pirate? God i have heard it all on here now. Sony towted gamesharing as a feature, to say its piracy is total trash.

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