Dead Island - Head Deformation System Tech Video

Techland released this tech video of Dead Island showing the Head Deformation system in action. Yes, the Head Deformation system, you read that right.

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MK_Red4929d ago

NOOO... I wanted to post this one :)
Blood and gore FTW (Mostly gore here though). Nice video and post.

snittolo4929d ago

Yes the video is rather "graphic" but it looks really good!

Feihc Retsam4929d ago

It certainly doesn't sell me on this DEAD ISLAND game...
Since I've never heard of it, I look forward to some big AAA franchises using this modeling technology

ParaDise_LosT4929d ago

I can't wait :D
I like zombies :)

MK_Red4929d ago

Yup, Zombies are awesome. Killing them is better and killing them with head and skin deformation woul be even better :)

ParaDise_LosT4929d ago (Edited 4929d ago )

2 good looking games comming out :o
WarHound look pretty intresting
but I'm more intrested in this tho cuz I can tell this is gonna have lots of blood ,gore and scary crap running around in the dark
Its a great setting too running around in the jungle at night
with zombies running after you I hope this is As great or better than Dead Rising
If its even half as good Im sold

Devr4929d ago

Man that looked great. I hope this game has hit reactions as good as those in Killzone 2.

The Dark Knight4929d ago

this game looks so gory........and thats a good thing:)

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