Madden NFL 12 Review (VGRevolution)

EA Sports is back with another installment of Madden NFL. VGRevolution takes a look at the changes and new additions in Madden NFL 12.

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CoryHG3104d ago

Graphics a 7? Really? What a joke. Clearly the best looking Madden ever by far.

Magaman3104d ago

Textures yes are very good, but the frame rate and stuttering is a big issue, nothing worse then the game pausing after a snap or during kickoff. Also what about the clipping issues and collision issues after plays. Textures and lighting yes are A+ but frame rate issues really hurt.

CoryHG3104d ago

ea has always had issues with this. ncaa locks up all the time. I don't consider that graphical nor the clipping. That's all gameplay related. You can't take away from the look of this game.