Madden NFL 12 Review | The Controller Online

The Controller Online writes: "EA has a tough job, making yearly sports titles and keeping them fresh enough to give fans a reason to buy each one. I’m not entirely without sympathy for them, but they do bring it upon themselves. This year’s Madden boasts a whole lot of changes, the thing is, most of them are the ‘under-the-hood’ type of changes. Things like ball physics and AI upgrades. But are these updates enough to bring in a new round of armchair quarterbacks? Let’s find out."

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guyver43102d ago

Maybe not enough for yearly pickups but I skipped last two seasons... So I picked up 12

gameguidedog3101d ago

Madden 12 is flying off store shelves much faster than most had anticipated. You kind of hit the nail on the head with the updated physics, but in my opinion they should include better facial AI if they are going to that length. Still looks dumbed down. Maybe that's in their bag of tricks for a another release.