It Sounds Like the Next Duke Nukem Game will be Better and will be Revealed ‘Soon’

You don't acquire the rights to one of video game's most famous characters without planning on doing something great with him.

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Stuart57563093d ago

Incorrect. You don't acquire the rights to one of video game's most famous characters and then do something terrible with it!

dark-hollow3093d ago

Just let the poor duke die in peace!

ATi_Elite3093d ago


I mean seriously i hope they would try to make something better!

I guess we will find out in another 12 years!!

Duke Nukem Forever 2 Spring 2023.....pre order now

ShoryukenII3093d ago

I don't think it is even possible to make it any worse unless they develop it for the N64 and release it on current gen consoles... I don't see that happening.

solidworm3093d ago

awesome I will pencil in the weekend of the 5th of September 2055 to play it.

rickhunter893093d ago

what do you mean...? we all gonna die in 2012
nooooooooo im not gonna get to play it.
game of the year for sure

fluffydelusions3093d ago

Not only is that joke tiresome but that whole year 2012 thing has been debunked by scientists quite some time ago.

Ares843093d ago

So another 12 year wait begins. Duke will be back baby!! :D

BattleTorn3093d ago (Edited 3093d ago )

beat me to it!

idk, expected to release 2023? lol

maniacmayhem3093d ago

It will be great to see the next game do satire on how awful the last one was.

user8586213093d ago

At least this time Gearbox will have total developement over it, rather then be left to try and fix the cr*p 3D realms left

StayStatic3093d ago (Edited 3093d ago )

Agreed , Duke Nukem Forever had several generations of development smeered all over it , heres hoping for an epic sequel.

Im still gonna play it when i get around to it , but for now too many great games out their to warrent playing it.

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The story is too old to be commented.