Japanese Titles Come to Xbox Originals

Coinciding with announcements made in America today, Microsoft Japan has unveiled its lineup of titles for the Japanese version of Xbox Originals.

In Japan, the new service will be called Xbox Classics, and will start off with five titles: Halo, Crimson Sky: High Road to Revenge, Magatama, Fable, and Puyo Puyo Fever. Pricing for these games is set at 1,200 Microsoft Points.

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predator4924d ago

duno if yoy guys noticed but the 5th game is from sega, also ign go on about jet set radio and panza, could this envolve into dreamcast games coming?

XENOCIDE4923d ago

I'm sure it will. Sega already has a few classics on XBL. I'd love to give Shenmue another go.

dork07834923d ago

its almost here I knew we will get sega dreamcast games its possible NOW!