Top 10 Greatest Football Games of All Time

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"On the day of the arrival of Madden NFL 12 (because it is only being released today we did not take it into account in this countdown, maybe next year) into the video game world, EA Sports’ latest game of pigskin, we decided to take a look back and wonder, gee, what were the greatest football virtual experiences of all time? Whether it was a simple game of X’s and O’s, a romp on our NES with a Tecmo game (remember Bo Jackson), or dropping legs on linebackers during a game of NFL Blitz, we had a number of experiences over the years that made us happy to be a quarterback. So now, without further ado, we unabashedly present our ten favorite football video games of all time. And if you think we missed one for some reason, let us know in the comments below and give us at least one reason why you feel that way. (And no, we didn’t consider John Elway Quarterback or MotionSports for Kinect, so sorry.)"

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UltimaEnder3105d ago

After spending a few days with Madden 12 I would have to put it somewhere in that list for sure...

jeseth3105d ago

People need to play Madden 12 before disagreeing. I got it after work last night on my way home and it is really impressive!

A lot of improvements all around. Finally not just a roster update. Don't see what IGN saw. This is the best football game in a long time.

dktxx23105d ago

"This is the best football game in a long time."

Not saying much with that really.

thugbob3105d ago

Gameplay wise Madden 12 is the same trash.

-Receivers and Cornerbacks do night fight for position down field

-The A.I. still don't know when to break off of coverage when playing Zone defense

-Receivers still run routes like robots

-The entire A.I. will react the same way when an event occurs. For example... during a passing play if a QB were to fumble the ball, ALL the defenders and receivers down field would react the same way in sync.

I could go on on. There are things that 2K5 get right that madden still cannot get right.

I can't wait for EA's exclusive license to run out. I really want to see what 2K and Sony can do with football as both companies have done great with basketball and baseball respectively.

Beast_Master3104d ago

Number 1 and 2 are dead on, and if it where not for Gameday, Madden would not be the game it is today. After Gameday, Madden began copying everything that game did. I hope that someday Madden gets a competitor. They where almost put out of business by 2k5, it was sold for $19.99 at launch! and it was way better then Madden that year. That is why it will always be considered best ever.
Let's hope someday that EA or the NFL will allow Capitalism into this marketplace. It is funny because 2k makes better Football games than EA, and EA makes better Baseball games than 2k but EA is barred from making baseball games and 2K is barred from Football.

thugbob3104d ago

But Sony makes better baseball games than both... so it really wouldn't matter if EA could make a baseball game.

I really wonder what Sony can do with Football as well as 2K of course.

jeseth3104d ago

If Sony could make an NFL game that was along the lines and depth of The Show then that would be amazing.

EA has a stronghold on that license though and it was recently extended. And with the amount of $$$ EA has, they'll probably continue to have it...

DrFUD3105d ago

EA had better live it up.
2K will eventually be allowed to release another NFL game (which they've been working on since All Pro) and the dev time they've had has allowed them to create the product EA could only dream of.
Out of spite, the first year back I even bet they sell it cheaper than Madden again, all while being the totally superior product as usual.

badboy74283105d ago

2K13 is almost Maddens Contract is up!!!!

Krysifix3105d ago

Why mutant league football is not on this list is beyond me.

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