Sony's answer to Wii Sports Bowling - High Velocity Bowling

Sony's answer to Wii Sports Bowling is bearing down like John Goodman in a pair of rental shoes. To get you in the mood, SPOnG has a new video and screens to show you just how zany the world of High Velocity Bowling can be.

The downloadable game, if you hadn't gathered, makes use of the Sixaxis's motion-sensing functionality to simulate a real bowling swing. Anyone who's had access to electronically generated images over the last year will know that the concept is painfully close to Nintendo's Wii Sports Bowling game. The question is, will it be as good? It certainly looks to have a bit more character, but SPOnG's far more interested in exactly how the game mechanic will feel.

Video could not be embedded; Video after the jump.

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marinelife94930d ago

Does anyone know whether you hold and swing the controller like you really would bowling?

akaFullMetal4930d ago

i believe yes you do, but does anybody care anymore about the virtual bowling anymore???

Darkiewonder4930d ago

It would feel SLIGHTLY Better with the DS3 as it has more weight.

Kholinar4930d ago

Ooof... yes. Will we see a ton of cracked 1080p screen complaints popping up? Will Sony have to send out wrist straps with the game?

:p It's silly, I know. Not sure if I'm serious...

feejo4930d ago (Edited 4929d ago )

Hum nice idea, the graphic is last gen, but language, there is nothing Sony can do about it. Herk. I would like them to change the shape of the controler or place it in some sort of gadget to hold it properly. But I am happy to know that Sony learn something from the WiiMote. Hope they will place it on the PS3 box: Free bowling game. And a image that show you can swing with the Six. Also some pubs witht the six swign.

And when Fight nite with a Six in both hand fighting again't online opponent.

the worst4930d ago

PLEASE i hope its better than
Brunswick Pro Bowling

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