Xbox Game goes too far with SEX?

Beach Bubbles Shawli's Fantasy Chapter 2 is now available on the Xbox Live Marketplace. Does this developer take it too far with sex?


This game was rated 3/3 for Sex

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xxxAnubisxxx3098d ago

I've never had a problem with games going too far with sex... And I've had my share of prostitutes in GTA

Yi-Long3098d ago

... don't like it!? Then don't buy it. Simple.

I'd rather have SEX in games, which I can ignore if I choose too, instead of having censorship, which makes that decision for me.

frjoethesecond3098d ago

Well said. Let the parent do their job and the adults make their own decisions. +bubbles.

Gray-Fox-Type03098d ago (Edited 3098d ago )

i was expecting some hentai this game is normal not going that far lol headline is for hits. Seems to be working to the indie games has so many games like that.

gamingdroid3098d ago

There is no sex in the game. I have seen more revealing stuff on the beach in Europe i.e. bare breasts!

JsonHenry3098d ago

The market should decide if it has gone "too far". Not someone with an opinion.

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yarbie10003098d ago

We need more restrictions to keep these perverts out of sight from our children. What does it say about ourselves when our youth are masturbating to cartoons???

Where is the GOVERNMENT??? Youtube obviously don't care - Microsoft don't care - and so we need bureaucrats to help us raise our kids. This is BS!

And what the F dude - talking about guns like i ain't got none - comparing mw3 to bf3 is like a cupcake and a brownie - both covered in moist whipped toppings and nerd sprinkles. live for the day and take away the witches.

lostinplace3098d ago

Are you high or something? Did you watch the video? Obviously not. This game is fine.

Kurt Russell3098d ago

Someone should invent you a sarcasm alarm...

Dusdg3098d ago (Edited 3098d ago )

If the first thing to come to your mind is where is the government I feel bad for you. Video games are an art form and like any art are protected by law. They are also self regulated. And people have been selling sex in cartoon form before Ww2 so it has nothing to do with this generation at all.

gamingdroid3098d ago (Edited 3098d ago )

***What does it say about ourselves when our youth are masturbating to cartoons???***

It's not like rape, violence, abuse and so on puts is in better light! The internet alone should give you hint of human nature and no we aren't good by nature.

edit: ah, it was sarcasm. My apologies. Your post went too long for me so it sounds like you were serious.

Kurt Russell3098d ago

Some people are capable of comprehension without being baby sat.

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hazelamy3098d ago

you can play it with one hand.

you have to wonder if that was a design feature. ^_^

RaidensRising3098d ago

Utterly bogus headline and article.

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