CVG Compare Assassin's Creed: 360 vs. PS3

Ubisoft's long-awaited Assassin's Creed finally swings gracefully into the shops this Friday, and to help you dual-console owners decide which version to get, CVG knocked together a comparison video.

Under a microscope the PS3 version does look a bit sharper when the two versions are running side by side.

The Xbox 360 version makes up for this with (arguably) better controls and we're also told it runs two or three frames faster than the PS3 cousin, though no-one's going to notice that.

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Multigamer4962d ago

Nothing between them, just enjoy it on either system you have

Bleyd4962d ago

I can not see any difference between the two. The developer did an excellent job on this game in making them look exactly alike.

Kleptic4962d ago

ha yeah...with that video quality I didn't see any of the "sharper" they were talking about...both had a little tearing...and I didn't see any framerate problems on either also...the 360 definitely has more bloom, which is usually the case...that has always bothered me (Vegas looked like the entire game was shot through a foggy lens or something)...but some people like it; to each their own...

I am sure some fanboy will do what they did with CoD 4 and take terrible pictures of their TV with the camera zoomed in to show which has muddy textures...despite them both looking the same from any normal viewing distance...

jackfatal4962d ago

its clear that they r identical but the colors on ps3 r better!!

scarlett_rg4962d ago (Edited 4962d ago )

Not sure if it was just the video (doesn't seem likely)... but the PS3 version is far more choppy than the 360 version (which ran almost completely smooth the entire time).

Edit: Just watched the stand-alone videos as well, and the 360 version definitely seems to be smoother.

Bathyj4962d ago

Final Conclusion.

A good game for everyone. Get the one whose controller you like best or for the machine you plan to keep the longest. Other than that (to be honest, like most mutliplat games) theres stuff all difference and no big deal either way.

LOL PS3 IS JUNK LOL4962d ago


There is an obvious difference. The PS3 is choppy as hell. Once again you PS3 owners must feel like idiots for dropping $600 on a blu-ray player.

The xbox 360 spray farts all over the PS3. Bring on the disagrees PS3 boys. Its all you can do to defend your console. LOL @ ratchet! I watch you guys scream "AAA GAME" "HERE IT COMES"

100k sold? halo 3 did 30x that....before it hit the shelves.


smirx4962d ago

Jesus, I knew it was only a matter of time until one of the game sites compared the two versions!

scarlett_rg4961d ago

... you PS3 fanboys are ridiculous!

Disagreeing is fine, but giving me negative feedback for something that is a fact! Grow up!

If you can't notice the framerate difference and choppiness, you're a damn retard, and simply trying to justify your purchase of a so-far inferior machine with no good games.

Everyone who gave me negative feedback for giving my opinion on the framerate (which also happens to be a fact (unless you're blind)), you can go fvck yourselves.

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MK_Red4962d ago

LOL, there we go again. Now this one says 360 has better framerate and PS3 has sharper picture, funny how each site has a completely different idea (Wasn't it PS3's better framerate and 360's sharper image yesterday!?). CRAZY!

predator4962d ago

no matter if you have a ps3 or 360 enjoy the game, they are near identical. everyone wins.

MK_Red4962d ago

Agreed. Reviews can all go to hell...
PS3 and 360 fans all could and should enjoy the heck out of this masterpiece. (Also PC gamers)

Kleptic4962d ago

no offense MK_Red...but how exactly is this a masterpiece?...Reviews are all over the place...and one thing that I have heard reliably from each review is that it is very repetitive, and it bothers some reviewers more than others...

I don't know...I guess I lost interest in this game back at E3 whenever I saw the AI...and I have yet to play I am not trashing it, but you come off at times almost like a commercial about this game...just wondering why you like the game so much, thats all...

I agree though...reviewers are dumb...the fact that a game is all over the place like this shows how stupid opinions of reviewers are what ultimately scores the game...they can't even agree on system differences...Gamespot says the PS3 runs better, and the 360 has more bloom...IGN says the opposite...this comparison somehow even says the opposite of both, which was seemingly these people really take themselves seriously?...

titntin4962d ago

The game is trully an excellent next gen title.

If you take it for what it is, rather than what yout think it is, its a great experience.
The problem with any game thats had as much hype as this one, is that it becomes a victim of its own expectations. Essentially this is pretty linear game, not an open world 'sandbox' and this has led to lots of people being disapointed. But play it with an open mind and forget expectations, and you will find an enjoyable game thats trully 'pushing boundaries' in many areas. At a time when so many developers cop out and produce 'yet another FPS ina different setting' its nice to see games that are trully inovative, and people who appreciate the art of game design will find much to enjoy with this one. My two cents! :)

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MaximusPrime_4962d ago

really i dont care about this game. The game im looking forward to is Uncharted.

BLUR1114962d ago

but this will be way cooler than uncharted far as the story go's .but both games look the most nextgen games to come out byfar

lynx1halo4962d ago (Edited 4962d ago )

Why does it show the PS3 version player jumping to his death at the end...and the Xbox360 player land safely in hay???
If youre going to put someone down at least make it funny...did you get that walnut insult from a 4th grader? TRULY PATHETIC

MaximusPrime_4962d ago

why? because your brain is a size of a walnut.

Stop being a fanboy, will ya?

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