Driver: San Francisco Review (

PSU: With so many developers striving for such diversity in their videogames, it’s refreshing to see that the latest title in the Driver series wears its heart loudly and proudly on its sleeve.

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Ares843104d ago

8/10???? No way, it is not that good.

Based on the demo I'd say a 6 out of 10 or less.

toxic-inferno3104d ago

But this ISN'T based on the demo. It's based on the full game.

Goldenarmz3104d ago

why does it seem like people want games to fail? If they think its 8 out of 10 who are you to say otherwise?? Im glad its gettin good scores i might pick it up next week.

Ares843104d ago

I don't think that a single person want's games to fail. It's just when you get an bad product you are disappointed. I would be very happy if this game was good but it isn't if it's anything like the demo was.