Sony repeats PSP 'philosophy' for PS Vita

Attitude to two devices is "basically the same", says SCEE boss Ryan.

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TheDareDevil3104d ago

Not necessarily. The game support for the PSP quickly declined and even Sony's first-party studios didn't do much(No Uncharted or InFamous). I don't need a handheld but the Vita's really tempting. There were a lot of JRPG's though but that's not my thing(Too much grinding + turn-based combat don't work for me)

In other news my PSP sits quietly in the corner with a slightly dysfunctional analog stick.

Xof3104d ago

That depends entirely on how fond you are of Sony's first party titles. Personally, I don't care too much about ANY first party titles. The main problem with the PSP (and PS3) was that Sony didn't really do anything to encourage (or help) 3rd party developers.

And, IIRC, that's not the case with the Vita.

Anyway, back on the PSP, "JRPG" is a very, very wide genre--the widest, in fact. Have you checked out the Ys Games? Think a faster-paced diablo with more melee and less (mostly no) magic. Project Diva? Triangle Frontier? Valkyria Chronicles? PSP has a ~LOT~ to offer beyond dull, DQ-esque JRPGs. Since you've already got one, ya' ought to seek out some of those more unique games. If you want to consider yourself a gamer, you have a responsibility to give every game a chance!

TheDareDevil3104d ago

I've tried Valkyria Chronicles and I liked it. The Y series is on my list but the graphics put me off(not the anime art style but the small figures). I'll check out some of the games that you have mentioned though, but I've kinda lost hope in my PSP. I'll maybe play GT or Twisted Metal the odd time.

supremacy3104d ago

You probably didnt read the article.

The reason I say is good, is because Sony viewed the psp as a portable for the hardcore.

Vita is however aiming high for the social space, now given Sony's psp philosophy(platform for the hardcore) is being considered for the vita can only mean the best of both worlds.

In other words, this is good.

People tend to overlook the smallest of detail when concerning psp's library. Sony has said that part of the big reason why psp was losing development support was due to the arrival of the ps3.

Sony was stuck in transition, and many of the big name companies were stuck with no choice but to move their resources to the ps3, thus hindering psp develpment cycles and opening the doors to countless of ports instead.

The philosophy lies in that of the vision, which is a powerful handheld build for the hardcore crowd. That hasnt changed, and for that, this is good.

However, the vita is a different platform with many different inputs so regardless of the philosophy things will depend on the development houses and how they make use of the vita platform.

So that will make them different in many aspects.

The philosophy maybe the same, but the support lines are not.

Istanbull3104d ago

are u out of your mind? the only reason there were no games on the psp is because of piracy!

But look at it now, couple years later in 2011 PSP has the best games lineup, even better than the PS3! Look only at the hardcore games PSP is getting and all those fancy j rpgs!

remanutd553104d ago

Resistance Retribution , Motorstorm Arctic Edge , Little Big Planet , Jack and Daxter The Lost Frontier , Gran Turismo , pixeljunk Monster Deluxe , Buzz Quiz World , God of War Chains of Olympus , God of War Ghost of Sparta , Gravity Crash portable , Hot Shot Tennis Get a Grip , Killzone Liberation , Locoroco 2 , Locoroco Midnight carnival , MBL 10 the show , MBL 11 the show , ModNation Racers , Patapon 2 , Patapon 3 , Patchwork Heroes , Piyotama , Pursue Force : Extreme Justice , Ratchet and Clank : Size Matters , Savage Moon , Secret Agent Clank , The Eye of Judgment 2 : Legends , Socom US Navy Seals Fireteam Bravo 3 , Wipeout Pulse .

those are first party games released in the last 3 years on the playstation portable , no Uncharted ? it is coming to playstation vita , isnt it ? inFAMOUS ? well , lets see if they decide to bring it to the vita

superadvanced3103d ago (Edited 3103d ago )

ps vita is actually cheaper than the psp was when it first came out if you adjust for the massive inflation we've had lately. 250 dollars in 2005 is around 290 of todays dollars.

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remanutd553104d ago

well i think its good , give me the NA release date and Resistance Burning Skies as a launch title please !!!!!

remanutd553104d ago

read the article and care to explain why you guys disagree with my opinion so i can understand you

Raven_Nomad3104d ago

Hopefully you can hack it like the PSP, then it might be worth the price. First thing I did with the PSP, pretty good device to play classic games on FOR FREE!

Misterhbk3104d ago

Gotta try harder than that when you're trolling. I know you can do better raven

koehler833104d ago

Not to discount the value of old classics.. but they can't justify the price of any new device.

The Vita isn't going to add anything to those games that the PSP isn't already delivering. The value is in the platform's own content.

i.e. Uncharted: Golden Abyss and Gravity Rush.

Studio-YaMi3104d ago

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MasterCornholio3104d ago

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DaTruth3103d ago (Edited 3103d ago )

Now we can shoot Raven-Nomad in the face even though he's unarmed and dump his body in the sea, because we have no hope of a conviction in a court of law!

Then we can all be happy our country shoots unarmed people in the face instead of trying them in the courts, like that could ever be a good thing!

Jihaad_cpt3103d ago

I think raven hates America, you commy

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user8586213104d ago

What philosophy, that you can play your ps3 games on the go? resulting in ports, yhh think thats what the psp philosophy was

v1c1ous3104d ago

which philosophy? the one where they bombed in game sales everywhere but japan?

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