Kinect Star Wars Video From PAX Prime 2011

Skewed and Reviewed have posted video from the pending Kinect Star Wars.

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Raven_Nomad3102d ago

Finally some Pod Racing footage. Shame this title got delayed, but hopefully they tighten up the controls a bit. Still very much looking forward to this game.

mcstorm3102d ago

I agree with you the Graphics on the game look good and the pod racing looks nice but the tracking seemed abit hit and miss from videos I have seen but then again this was said alot about Kinect before it was released and when we got the product in our homes it worked fine. I have high hopes for this game and I hope the can finish it off and get it released before the end of the year as it will be a big seller over the Christmas time with the star wars 360 and Kinect.

antz11043102d ago

As far as footage goes, not really impressed. For Kinect Star Wars people care about watching someone play to show lag, and being a jedi. Thats the WHOLE point....ppl want to force push someone.

Dread3102d ago

u should be forced push back to your house under a bridge.

antz11043102d ago what does that even mean? Hows that one bubble treating you? Just curious.

On topic, they should be showcasing the jedi aspect, instead of a podracer thats been done to death since 1999.

cliffbo3102d ago

it looks terrible all i can think the reason you are going to buy it is because there is nothing else out for the kinect worth buying if this was on the ps3 with move support i would never buy it.

Garethvk3102d ago

I think it is aimed like most Kinect games at the younger gamers and the more casual audience. Outside of Just Dance and Fruit Ninja I have yet to really find anything of interest on the Kinect.