GameSpot Gives 6/10 to Wii's Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn

With a terrible plot and an unforgiving difficulty level, Radiant Dawn is best left alone by anyone but the most hardcore of strategists.

The Good:
Fantastic cel-shaded 3D cutscenes. Good variety of mission goals Allows midbattle saving. Ability to port clear-game data from Path of Radiance.

The Bad:
Laughable plot. Frustrating difficulty will alienate newcomers Doesn't even try to adapt and make use of the Wii. Little to no improvement graphically over its GameCube predecessor.

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MK_Red4922d ago

Wow, another game getting mixed and crazy scores. 9/10 from 1UP and GameSpy, 7 from GI and 6 from GameSpot.

MILES4922d ago

I've been keeping up with this website for nearly a year now...and finally felt compelled to register with the its forum community. The game, Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn, in my opinion...really got the shaft from Gamespot. I had never played a FE game prior to purchasing FE:RD, and I think it is an excellent title. Yes it is tough...and really isn't as bad as some reviewers are making it out to be. If anything, it somewhat reminds me of the old days of Dark Sun, Dark Lands, and Betrayal at Krondor's battle systems. Although I'm not even halfway into the game, the story does feel a bit weak so far. But I'm really enjoying the game.

I got the impression that Gamespot game FE:RD a (6/10) mainly because their expectations in the graphics and innovation departement were not improved upon greatly from the last game. But when a system works, and the game still looks pretty, why fault it for not upping the anty? Ratings should be based on the game as a whole (and in it's current state) and NOT what the game could have been if developers did it the reviewer's way. A game should be faulted graphically if it has missing textures, clipping, muddy textures, etc... and not because the reviewer wanted higher polycounts. I suppose that is why we get so many mixed reviews out there. Some folks are reviewing based on expectations while others are reviewing based on the games finished state and how well each piece came together to create a good or bad experience.

ItsDubC4922d ago

Excellent post and welcome. I have been putting off buying this game because I am still playing MP3 and GH3, and Mario Galaxy will be taking up much of my time soon.

I too have never played a previous Fire Emblem game, and am actually almost offended that Gamespot would dock the score for its "Frustrating difficulty [that] will alienate newcomers." It almost seems like they are singling out newcomers in an attempt to put a negative spin on the difficulty. I personally am looking forward to the difficulty because I think games in general have gotten too easy these days.

I agree wholeheartedly with your entire last paragraph.

games4fun4922d ago (Edited 4922d ago )

the game has always been hard no matter what system it was on. It is one of the most consistent games. When i played you almost always have a member of your party die. Get over it seriously i remember the fun part was trying to go through the whole game without losing a person do you know how hard that is? It is a real strategy game that i respect.
When people ask me about it i have nothing but praises it was never about graphics it was always about gameplay that it has in spades even on the wii i know it is good even though i dont even own or like the wii that much. If i had a wii i would buy this game.
In fact i was torn when i thought about what system to get because of Fire Emblem being so many hours of fun and strategy.

DeckUKold4922d ago

they are nuts i luv hard

john_doe4922d ago

whatever... i don't read their reviews anymore

superman4922d ago (Edited 4922d ago )

I really stopped listening to Gamespot reviews after they said Metroids perfect controls make the game too easy.

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