New PSV trailer – “Social Gaming”

30 minutes ago Sony uploaded a new PSVita trailer video called “Social Gaming”. Check it out.

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Akiba963103d ago

finally we get a glimpse of the web browser. looks way better than the psp and ps3 web browser!

MasterCornholio3103d ago (Edited 3103d ago )

"Playstation Vita The Ultimate Portable Gamming Experience"

I agree with this because of the non stop announcements of new features, great games and the incredible tech that the vita provides. The Playstation Vita will become one of the greatest handhelds ever created. In my opinion it will be even better than the 3DS. And its only 80 euros more than the 3DS which makes it a steal at 250 euros. However i could care less about the 250 euro SKU because i want GPS so its going to be 300 euros for me.

Be prepared for one of the best launches of a handheld in all of history with the launching of the vita.

Anyways i really love how they are doing a great job with the social features. It seems to me that sony has learnt a lot from XBOXlive. Also the web browser looks really neat in the Vita. I hope that due to the extra ram it will be a smooth experience on Sonys new handheld.

tarbis3103d ago

Love the old school mail envelope =D
I'm excited to get my hands on PSV.