ZTGD | Madden NFL 12 Review

Ken McKown writes: The Madden NFL series has been slowly improving ever since the massive overhaul in 2010. Each year adds some new stuff under the hood, some presentation improvements and, of course, the standard roster update. This year is no different, and while when you first pick up the controller not much will feel out of place, there are a lot of changes under the hood this year that make this a notable update. When you combine that with the massive presentation upgrades, what you get is one of the most solid representations of the sport to date. Sure, there are some minor setbacks, but if you are like me, counting down the days until the season begins; Madden NFL 12 should be on the top of your must-own list.

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TheBrit3098d ago (Edited 3098d ago )

How far away (or are we already there) are we from Madden having to be a $39.99 a year title or, people just stop buying it and rent it and dump the online all together.

Madden is at the point where football is football and there isn't anything compelling left to warrant forking out 60 bucks again just for some minor tweaks.

I think EA needs to start taking care of gamers if they truly do care about their fan base and start charging the right price for these types of games that cannot offer too much of a change each year.

P.S You should NOT have to have the online pass to get a freaking roster upgrade for crying out loud.

LoveMyKids3098d ago

Same can be said about halo so shut up.

TheBrit3098d ago (Edited 3098d ago )

yeah of course it can - why such hostility?!?!?!?!
Halo still has story room in it though, Madden, NBA etc doesn't.

Tiger introduces new modes each year and courses which makes it viable but when they strip the older courses and do not let you import them, it sucks.

EA's reasoning with the courses on Tiger though is all to do with license fees which I actually believe is true so they sometimes have no choice but to remove the older stuff and not re-license when they can add new course.

I think they should create more fantasy courses though and include them for free.

Still doesn't take away from my opinion that Madden probably shouldn't be $59.99 a year - maybe every other year when feature sets worthy of the price increase are added opposed to just some under the hood type changes along with a little cosmetic changes.