Long Live Play

PS Blog: Two years ago we introduced you to our resident Vice President of just about everything, Kevin Butler, in the inaugural “Dear PlayStation” ad which was timed with the introduction of our “It Only Does Everything” campaign. Since then, the campaign has helped make the PS3 a household name in 50 million homes worldwide. Today, I’m excited to introduce you to a new brand campaign “Long Live Play” – designed to celebrate gamers from all walks of life and recognize you for making us who we are today.

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ksense2607d ago (Edited 2607d ago )


lmfao when he pulls out the picture of jack

nickjkl2607d ago

anyone get the you are the boss of me

its from Malcolm in the middle theme song

you're not the boss of me now

which he was in an episode of

crxss2607d ago

or it could just be a random line with no association to malcolm in the middle whatsoever lol.

anyways glad KB's back, such a great ad campaign.

Peppino72607d ago

No Look Flaming Crossbow Shot! LOL Thats should be an ESPN top play!

DeFFeR2607d ago




<3 you KB!

NAGNEWS2607d ago

in "Bad Teacher" <- its a movie

SilentNegotiator2607d ago (Edited 2607d ago )

Uhhh....I doubt the connection. But I do remember that episode; he was grilling tofu dogs, lol.

Funny vid.

Interesting to see some R3 Move footage, too.

NukaCola2607d ago

KB is back and back more hardcore than ever.

iamtehpwn2607d ago

... I think that was greatest advertisement of all time.

MAJ0R2607d ago

wow Sony really knows how to advertise well, and kept stuff fresh by backing off his image for a while

Marceles2607d ago


"but Kevin, that's why I..."


Dee_912607d ago

aww great
now who am i suppose to call about my stupid carpet :(

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narked2607d ago

brilliant advertising just pure epic brillaince

iamnsuperman2607d ago

Bring him the the UK. These adverts are so great.

buddymagoo2607d ago

We need a KB to UK petition!

MrAwesome2607d ago

Why? Who doesn't keep a picture of him in their desk?

VINNIEPAZ2607d ago

This comment section is one huge sausage fest.

Pedobear Rocks2607d ago

Is that a huge, sausage fest or
a huge sausage, fest?

Either way I'm in.

BubbleSniper2607d ago

looks like you enjoy basking in a sausage waterfall then

subtenko2607d ago

"No look flaming cross-bow shot"

O_O F***.. that was epic!!

Kevin Butler ftw B-)

Agree or Disagree if you Agree or Disagree

ngecenk2607d ago


and a f*kin P

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WhiteLightning2607d ago

I knew he wouldn't leave us yet

I still think he has another year left in him....maybe untill the end of the PS3, then they'll get another marketing campaging for the PS4.

I mean it's not like he's there all the time, wasting his days on PS ads....they're only short clips I'm sure it dosen't take him long to do one.

SilleGamer2607d ago

Long Live Kevin Butler!

Epic! :)

kneon2607d ago (Edited 2607d ago )

As long as they don't over do it he could be around a very long time. They took a break for a while and now KB should be pushing PS3 and Vitas for the next 6 months or so, then time for another break.

LightSamus2607d ago

Long live Kevin Butler!

...oh and Play, whatever.

Jappy-k72607d ago (Edited 2607d ago )

Long live Kevin Butler! YEEEEAH!

you wouldn't say that if he worked for Nintendo or MS would you?

plus just to let you know n4g...Sony PlayStation is a Japanese brand and Kazuo Hirai is the president, jack and that silly clown are just tools

LightSamus2607d ago

a) Kevin Butler is a fictional character portrayed by Jerry Lambert and created by an advertising firm. His persona is completely written.

b) Just because Kaz Hirai is president overall, Tretton (and Andrew House in the EU) have as much say as he does.

c) I enjoy his character and not much more. He has never made my decision to purchase a video game or product, I just find him entertaining.

d) If he were Nintendo or MS, chances are I wouldn't care. Like I said, being created by PlayStation has nothing to do with it.

e) Sony and PlayStation might be Japanese by birth but they're so much more than that now. Without the European and American operations, they'd not be doing as well as they are.

f) this. Is what KB is VP of. :)

The end

Ingram2607d ago (Edited 2607d ago )


2)No I wouldn't, I would say BOOOH!

3)n4g is not a sentient being.

4)Absolute President & CEO of Sony as of 2011: Howard Stringer, American.

5)Don't call Mr.Butler a silly clown, you audacious whippersnapper.

Wipe your ass well after each defecation, and don't stay very long playing Nintendogs, or those hemorrhoids will never heal.

morganfell2607d ago

No Samus, they do not have the same authority as Kaz. No argument, they do not. Period. It is only Kaz Hirai's leadership style is more one of collaboration that promotes the idea that they are all on equal keel when it comes to having a say in matters. Kaz Hirai is smart to listen to them. But that doesn't mean their decisions carry equal weight because they do not.

DragonKnight2607d ago

@Vaistrat: Actually, Stringer is from Wales. You can't be Knighted if you weren't born in the U.K.

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tiffac0082607d ago (Edited 2607d ago )

Welcome back KB!!! I knew you wouldn't leave us! XD

KB's flooring business was just across the pond from Sony. lol!

pixelsword2607d ago

He lost some weight; good for him.

pixelsword2607d ago (Edited 2607d ago )

Geez, I'm not asking for Shakespeare, just some rudimentary reading comprehension; how does "lost some weight" turn into "fat" to the degree that he was some lard-butt or something?