Does Call of Duty 4 have the best level ever?

GamesRadar writes: "Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare is one of the most outstanding games we've ever played - the single-player campaign is so loaded with pulsating set-pieces that the benchmark-raising brilliance of it all must make other shooters want to blow their own coded brains out in defeatist despair. But does Infinity Ward's masterpiece feature the most polished, tense and exciting level in gaming history? Well, PSM3 editor Dan Dawkins reckons it does."

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Marona4925d ago

For a shooter? Yes, best of all.
For comparing it to other Genre? Not really.

LOFT3164925d ago

For a FPS up to date
You see a lot of people normally complain when a game takes you about 6 hours to complete but no one has really complained because this game has amazing visuals and the levels you play are varied fun and origanal and a few of the levels add somthing new to the FPS and for a first attempt at a modern day wartime game this game shows us what next gen is about

KDash4925d ago

i've played COD4 and it suckz!

it's just another standart-shooter with great graphics. the game is far to linear/scripted. no innovation at all... (imo)

Lex Luthor4925d ago

just like drake uncharted, it brings nothing new to table except great graphics. IMO.

bumnut4925d ago

i think its great, imo

shame about the online problems (xbox 360)

can't comment on ps3, i don't own one.

CrashSharc4925d ago (Edited 4925d ago )

Uncharted is not new or interesting eh? funny, what does the 360 have that compares to Uncharted? oh right... nothing. If you want to talk old rehashes, play tomb raider or halo...

BTW COD4 PWNS. Although there are MANY FPS's, so few of them do rarely. COD4 NAILS what an FPS should be.

SlappyMcTaint4925d ago

Just like your mom -she's just not as tight or creative as she used to be

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iNcRiMiNaTi4925d ago

all ghillied up - even tho its pretty short and simple, is probably my favorite mission, then the beginning of "one shot one kill" is mom saw me playing those levels and she was impressed at how videogames evolved...

Lex Luthor4925d ago

Trying to complete the game on veteran is a nightmare.

P4KY B4925d ago

But not unfairly so.

But its worth it, for the last level you get 40+40+90 achievement points.

iNcRiMiNaTi4925d ago (Edited 4925d ago )

charlie dont surf was a b!tch on the lower level of the tv station...right now im tryin to complete hunted...

also tryin to figure out how to get the "your show sucks" achievement...i pretty much destroyed all the TVs in charlie dont surf and didnt get it, unless i have to play throught the whole game again and theres TVs on other levels i missed

PS360PCROCKS4925d ago

Omg trying to complete the game on the two hardest difficulties is a fuc*ing pain in the ass!! and that TV station was hard as hell, but yes there are TV's EVERYWHERE in the game.

Kleptic4925d ago

...seriously...I played through it first on normal...and even at the difficulty the tv station was a pain...

that is my only complaint with the game...they didn't get rid of the sometimes annoying checkpoint system...the TV station invovles you having to get to the other side of the big open room...not killing the enemy...I stayed back the first 20 times or so, and you can kill 50+ guys...they still keep coming in waves of 5 or 6 everytime so many are killed...and it will stay like that until you get to a seemingly random hall way, that doesn't show up on the compass...after I figured that out, it wasn't too bad...I actually got through that part faster on the harder difficultys just by sprinting to that hallway, turning around and dropping a few grenades...

but some later missions are nearly impossible...whenever the Russian ICBMs take off, and you have to go destroy the launch command center or to impossible...the game is f'ing crazy fun, but sometimes pretty frustrating...

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