Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary 17 Brand New Screens

Have a look at these stunning 17 brand new screens of Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary that Microsoft have released today.

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BiggCMan3092d ago

I don't think they did this remake right. Halo was so great the way it was, and then they went and added stuff from the new game. Armor Abilities, maps, and some other stuff. I love the graphics of course, but it's not the original Combat Evolved anymore once they decided to do all of that stuff. And Kinect support I believe they added as well if i'm not mistaken, but correct me if i'm wrong on that. That's just stupid.

Blaze9293092d ago

they did the 'single-player' right...but they shouldn't have touched the multiplayer besides the visual updates and adding Xbox LIVE

MerkinMax3092d ago

I'm just going to clarify for everyone real quick. Campaign is just new graphics on top of the old code so gameplay has not changed. In multiplayer, the new Title Update will allow them to tweak aspects of Reach to recreate the classic Halo 1 multiplayer feel. They will have Anninversary specific playlists that will include the 3 shot pistol, removal of armor abilities. removal of bloom and other changes to bring back the Halo 1 feel. They will also have modified versions of the classics maps with tweaked Reach gameplay mechanics. So if you like Reach the way it is, the original Reach playlists will be there. If you want that old Halo 1 feel, then those playlists will be there too.

Gray-Fox-Type03092d ago

the single player is exactly the same as the orginal with updated graphics.

the multiplayer is not from Halo CE infact its Halo reach multiplayer with new maps which are remakes from the Halo CE maps.

They did it right don't know what your talking about really. Multiplayer probably couldn't because all the old net code and stuff and time restraints.

Think of it as Halo 3 ODST it had the Halo 3 multiplayer disc.

Same as this one.

BiggCMan3092d ago

Then it is not Combat Evolved anymore like I said. It's great that the story is there, but the biggest part is completely changed around, and not like the classic game. I'm sorry if you feel differently and are happy with this, but i'm not. I'd much prefer if they just made the graphics better and added LIVE gameplay. There is only a few maps from CE in this, the rest are from reach, and there is armor abilities etc.. That is fine for Reach, I loved the game. But this is practically releasing the same game, and it's stupid.

Gray-Fox-Type03092d ago

oh in that case..i agree the multiplayer was great! and its a huge part missing in this case it does mean its incomplete, i was referring to the campaign mostly. I am not even getting this lol i already have the game so ill give it a pass and wait for Halo 4. might rent it though. I am not buying the same game haha

BlackKnight3092d ago


So the Splinter Cell Collection for the PS3 is not Splinter cell then because it has NO MP AT ALL right?

At least you get MP that has refreshed maps (new content) and has the game settings changed (no armor abilities, etc) and the pistol back with its 3 headshots glory.

otherZinc3092d ago

All of you guys are wrong. You guys should listen to the Halo Fest panel.

You can press a button that will give you exactly what Halo:CE was 10years ago.
There is a mode in multiplayer where you can go back to Halo:CE 10years ago.
The Halo:CE maps have a button to accommodate the load-outs from Reach: however, you dont have to play that way.
The Anniversary Remake will also open new tunnels (If you like) with the press of a button to accommodate the features of the various load-outs from Halo:Reach.

See, if you want to play "exactly" the way Halo:CE played 10years ago, you can. However, there are only about 5 of the 7 maps from Halo:CE I believe. There will be 1 PC map & 1 or 2 Halo:2 maps, I think.

The games going to be absolutely marvelous, I dont see what the problem is. Also, it should be the blueprint of how remakes "should" be done: with the old & very new added in.

Jocosta3092d ago

Did they make it to where I can play with updated graphics but no load-outs?

fossilfern3092d ago

The best Halo now redone with the option to go back 10 years :D ! Loved Halo CE

towelie12883092d ago

cant wait loved halo CE and these remastered maps look amazing
plus i believe in the classic playlist there wont be any AA's

ahhhhh and the halo CE pistol is back!!!!!

Dread3092d ago

Can't wait

day one for me :)

happy gaming for the fans...the haters can suck it

Vega753092d ago

At first I wasn't interested in re-buy the first halo since I already own the first on on xbox and it still plays in my 360. But since they added the feature to switch between the remastered version and the classic version. I could not resist not getting it Can't wait