Gears Of War 3 Season Pass - Seemingly Useless (ObnoxiousGamer)

With the new announcement of the Gears Of War 3 Season Pass, similar to Mortal Kombat's, a gamer has to wonder a very big thing. Whats the benefit of shelling out the $30 dollars up-front?

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user8586213097d ago

Well if your commited to Gears 3's multiplayer why wouldnt you get this, its wierd I dont remember rockstar getting heat for doing exactly the same thing :S

Blaze9293097d ago

The Rockstar pass gave you all the DLC for free for $10.

This, just gives you a lousy discount for $30...

DERKADER3096d ago

"for free for $10"

Did I just read that?

biRdy3096d ago

Its not a discount! its the next four dlc releases. The point of getting the pass is that you will save 33%. Other than buying the 4 dlc's seperatly!

gamingdroid3096d ago

Why would you pay $30 to get a "lousy discount"?

It's $30 (less if you buy points on sale, like me) for all 4 DLC at a 33+% discount of buying it separately plus an extra weapon skin.

Blaze9293096d ago (Edited 3096d ago )

You know what I meant. Instead of paying $10 (or whatever price) for every DLC LA Noire has out right now and in the future, they offered the chance to secure every piece of DLC for a one time fee of $10.


Here, they are only offering a 33% discount for $30. Let's say each DLC pack is $10 - 800 Microsoft're shelling out $30 to save $3.30 on each DLC pack?

yeah, extremely pointless pass. Might as well make this pass free to everyone who buys the game new because most damn sure won't pay $30.

gamingdroid3096d ago (Edited 3096d ago )

You are completely mistaken. Nobody pays $30 to save $13-14. That doesn't make sense.

What the season pass offer is all 4 DLCs free plus a weapon skin for a total of $30 in MS points. In your words, MS/Epic is asking for a one time fee of $30 to secure the next 4 DLCs + a skin.

The actual savings is 33% or so compared to buying it separately. Got it?

Now, I must add that the skin looks pretty sweet in Terminator liquid metal look:

I don't usually go for this sort of thing, but darn that is tempting.

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StanLee3097d ago (Edited 3096d ago )

I bought all the DLC for Gears of War 2 and frankly it wasn't worth it. Half the DLC maps were never regularly rotated in multiplayer or Horde even in specific playlists and the Delete scene DLC was rubbish and showed exactly why it was deleted. Love Gears of War but this season pass only shows on thing; they're committed to nickle and diming the consumer even before the game is released, which has been standard practice this gen with exclusive this and preorder that and DLC this. When the hell can I just buy a game and get all the content for the $60 I paid for it? This isn't value, it's robbery.

gamingdroid3096d ago

I disagree, I was so happy when Dark Corner was released and have had a blast. Even more happy with the extra chapter (even though it was a little cheesy).


gamingdroid3096d ago

It's not secret DLC is all planned in advanced, budgeted in and during development, hooks are created to add this additional content later.

Does this surprise anyone?

Personally, DLC that adds extra game-play is generally much better than the Horse Armor (read skins) and adds far more value.

It's just a modern version really of an expansion pack. Remember those?

RahatR3097d ago

It's kinda like the Rockstar pass but you got a point. Really depends on whether you want it or not.

YourFriendQuinn3096d ago

I don't understand the problem. You get all of the DLC for %33 off. There is no that it isn't a savings if you plan on getting them all. Plus some exclusive weapon skins. I'd personally wait to see how the DLC looks, but if you know you'll get it I don't see how you can argue that you're not saving money.

MrBeatdown3096d ago

I like the idea, but there is no way in hell I'm putting money down before I know what I'm getting. If all the planned content was listed up front, and the price wasn't so steep, it would be pretty cool. Rockstar's handled the LA Noire DLC pretty well.

Jocosta3096d ago

I do agree it is a gamble, only the most hardcore Gears players should purchase this.

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