Dark Souls Achievement List Revealed

Dark Souls will have a total of 41 trophies/achievements with over a dozen hidden ones.

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user8586213101d ago

Just bought Demon's Souls, hopefully I enjoy it enough to get this game :)

KingDustero3101d ago

Seems pretty similar to Demon's Souls trophy list, which isn't a bad thing. It is interesting that they actually have a Platinum trophy equivalent in the Achievements.

I'm liking all the new weapon upgrades though. They seem to be more diverse this time around. It appears though that there isn't any armor customization, which is sad.

I can't wait for October. Demon's Souls ate of 93 hours of my life for the Platinum trophy and I still played it after I had the trophy.

BiggCMan3101d ago

You got the Demon's Souls platinum in 93 hours, wtf!! I got it as well, and was so happy and relieved when I did, but it took me 200 hours!! Wow 93, I bow down to you sir! It was a hell of a ride though trying to get that platinum, all that farming, and a minimum of 4 playthroughs because you needed certain Demon's Souls 4 times. Amazing game, and easily one of my favorites. Dark Souls will be equally amazing, and hopefully tops it in every way.

KingDustero3100d ago

Lol thanks. I just stuck with a single character and kept playing until I got it. I'm really looking forward to Dark Souls. I'm sure the Platinum will take longer, but it is worth it in the end.

Congrats to you and Kee for getting the Platinum. It is for sure pretty time consuming, but it is so satisfying see it pop up in the end.

Kee3101d ago

Man, took me about 170 hours across 3 characters to get the platinum for demon's souls. You are a boss.

I'm definitely going for the dark souls platinum.

JellyJelly3101d ago

Looks good but I can't stand those secret achievements.

banjadude3101d ago

Those secret achievements are probably just for killing a specific boss/champion.

Old McGroin3101d ago

Can't frickin' wait for this game!

baker_boi3101d ago

Any body know if Amazon got a preorder bonus for this? Cause I aint even lookin at Gamestop.

And yall should get the premium edition of this. It comes with more stuff for the same price. Might as well grab that shit.

banjadude3101d ago

As far as I know, Amazon.Ca doesn't have a pre-order bonus. But, a quick Google search reveals that the preorder bonus for DS is just a free upgrade to the collector's edition.

I bought my CE off Amazon, and I saved a whole $1.50 CDN, lol. Better than nothing though.

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