HD DVD Price Cut Shakes Up Format Wars

PC World magazine's senior associate editor Melissa J. Perenson discusses:
• If price alone will decide this format war;
• If a person's purchase of an HD DVD player means that he intends to begin investing heavily in a new library of movies;
• If Toshiba's low pricing is sustainable in long term;
• The consumer perspective.

The full article includes analysis and comments from DisplaySearch director Paul Erickson and Envisioneering Group analyst Richard Doherty as well as some numbers (e.g., prices, sales, manufacture costs) for Blu-ray and HD DVD players.

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ruibing4922d ago

Every single editorial magazine tries to get into the discussion . Most of her points have been made elsewhere and it doesn't even the latest software sales data, discuss attach rates, or even mention the impact of the PS3. She is either based or just plain bad.

Jandre024922d ago

71% to 29%. Also, selling your player at $99 is nothing but desperation. I mean what is it that you want her to say? Blu-Ray is winning and will continue winning, unless HD DVD basically gives away their players.

The PS3 almost guarantees a win. I just wish Toshiba would give it up already, unless they have some sort of plan to reverse those percentages.

ktchong4922d ago

Stalemate? Sony CEO's BusinessWeek interview taken out of context

HarryEtTubMan4922d ago

????? I don't get it. By prolonging it when Blu Ray is clearly winning and desperately scraping at something to make a turn around. Even if it be giving away your console for 99$ with 7 free movies. That's what you call digging yourself in the hole. Blu Ray will win.

snittolo4922d ago

Both want to win and as consumers we all know this. It would just be nice to see a single format win so everyone can just buy their movies in a single format and not wondering if HD-DVD or Blu-Ray carries the favorites they want.(main reason why I have both formats players)

The lower the prices the better and I think that will be a way for HD-DVD to make a big punch in sales. The lower pricing is an easy way to get those that don't understand the formats to choose HD-DVD because everyone will always understand a lower price.

kn4922d ago

I'm not paying $25 for movies on any HD format. I have a regualar DVD library of about 50 titles. I would get some on Hi Def for sure if they were $15-20 like regular DVDs... Yeah, the consumer is limited in that their choice of titles is split between formats, but in the end, it IS forcing prices to drop much faster than they would have otherwise.

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