Gameinformer : Need for Speed ProStreet review

Mechanics and the motor oil companies recommend you change your oil every couple thousand miles, and promise horrible things if you don't do what they say. Well, it seems that EA demands that the Need for Speed series get its own clean flush just as often. This is the third next-generation NFS title in three straight years, and regardless if we'll ever see the Carbon or Most Wanted imprints again, I don't wonder if EA – like the powerful, secret motor oil lobby – isn't trying to trick me into spending my cash needlessly.

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blusoops3995d ago

It got a 7, for those that don't want to bother reading

Kleptic3995d ago

thanks...the game is poop run over twice imo...NFS will never be what it used to...

PMR_213995d ago

with all the EA guys are seriously getting repetitive..dont hate something because its popular to do so..use your own minds

hotrider123994d ago (Edited 3994d ago )

like everyone been saying EA has been sucking for the last couple of nfs games and this one is the worst of them all. I BEG!!!!! all of you gamers plz!!!! dont buy this sh'tty ass game. buy "burnout paradise" and nfs will never be the same until they up-grade high stakes and hotpursuit2 and call them high stakes 2 and hotpursuit 3 with the thrill of cop chasing in both games.