Video interview: Insomniac on 'fertile' Resistance universe

More stories to tell, says writer

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Chaostar3094d ago

I've always loved the Resistance 'universe', alternate timeline stories are great for mixing fantasy with historic fact. Insomniac have created a fascinating world with so many possibilities.

DatNJDom813094d ago (Edited 3094d ago )

Couldn't agree more. Resistance is one of the better fps this gen, no question about it. I just wish the had another round of coop besides story mode coop. I might be in the minority but I enjoyed the heck out of Resistance 2 coop.

7sEvEn3094d ago

The multiplayer R3 beta I thought was great. Now all we need is for the story to kick [email protected]%!

shreeveera3094d ago

I wonder why ppl no longer care for this Franchise as much as in R2 days.
I think BF3 and MW3 have stolen too much Fps love off Gamers.

GTRrocker3094d ago

This is one of the only FPS I can even tolerate. Killzone was good, but this is better to me. The story is great and the weapons are fun.

Inzo3094d ago

I wonder? maybe take the fight to the Chimera, where ever they are from?

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