How to Be Better at Deus Ex: Human Revolution

Gamespy/IGN writes: "We've assembled five core strategies to help make you a better Deus Ex player."

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Hellsvacancy3101d ago

I dont need to be better, ive almost finished my first playthrough (on Hard) also goin for the "no kills" trophy

Awesomee AWESOME game

Are_The_MaDNess3101d ago

who the He!! got problems with this game?
just use stealth to your advantage. the guards are blind anyway, even on hard.

My First playthrough i had 0 kills (takedowns only)
BTW, recommend start to skill up your hacking skills, and use your damn stun gun. the only time i had to fire my guns (real guns, not stun gun) was with a Boss

teedogg803101d ago

Yeah it is very important for you to get the hacking skill up. Should be the first thing to use the points on.