Game Revolution Review Call of Duty 4: A-

The makers of Call of Duty 4 said they wanted to finally nail the cinematic "movie in a video game" experience. They almost got it right, but they made it three hours too long.

Clocking in at five hours, Call of Duty 4 is the shortest blockbuster video game in recent memory. But those few hours are a robust, thrilling ride with all the sparkle and flash of a Hollywood summer movie. And like a summer action flick, you can expect plenty of spectacle, lots of special effects, and not a whole lot of plot or dialogue to get in the way

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predator4925d ago

i found there first line in the review qutie funny, lol

picker3324925d ago

I wondring,is cod4 worth buying on console?
One more thing,is cod4 like cod2 but with modern weapons?

jackfatal4925d ago

and it will get boring after 2 hours of playing!!
and its a racist game!
plus they dont the reality that many of the american generals are gays!!
and they dont show how every body ass is being kicked in iraq!! the most who die is from iraq women and children and innocent civilians!!

tony4925d ago

cod4 is the addictive multiplayer this year.awesome graphics and intense too. a little short but the multiplayer make up for it.

predator4925d ago

cant believe i have to wait till crimbo for this and assassins creed by order of my girlfriend, damit