Top 12 Deus Ex: Human Revolution glitches

OXM UK: "Deus Ex: Human Revolution hit shelves four days ago. That's long enough to sell almost as many copies as Deus Ex: Invisible War managed in total, and long enough, apparently, for enthusiasts/haters to rip the game's technical integrity into tiny, hilarity-flavoured pieces."

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dirigiblebill3095d ago

Every other fan video for this seems to be about beating up hookers.

grailly3095d ago (Edited 3095d ago )

the two last ones made me lol.

HenryFord3095d ago

Agreed - especially the last one was hillarious

Robotronfiend3095d ago

They should have a trophy called "Knee-capper" for when you are hiding in a vent shaft shooting the knees of all the guards who come in to investigate, but are unable to crouch and shoot into the vent.