Hirshberg: Online play has "decreased the demand for new IP"

Activision's Eric Hirshberg believes we won't be seeing a return to the 'new IP floods' of old from big publishers because gamer attitudes have changed.

Games have "gotten deeper" and there's been a "shift to online connected play" which has dramatically lengthened title lifespans. Innovation 'not harmed'.

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rdgneoz33093d ago

It should be, "Online play has decreased the demand for Single Player only games." Playing with friends online adds a lot of replay value to a game that if it was single player only, you could blow through in 10 hours or so.

ReservoirDog3163093d ago

Yeah but how many people still play multiplayer for games that aren't halo or cod or bf?

If you like multiplayer, you already have those big multiplayer games. And you only really tend to touch the singleplayer.

I mean, does anyone really play...brutal legend multiplayer still?

rdgneoz33093d ago

I was thinking more co-op than death match games. Look at how much people complain about games that have just single player campaigns and no co-op / online co-op.

ddkshah3093d ago

Ratchet and clank is doing a 4player coop game with single player as well ;) I'm pretty sure a crash bandicoot game could do the same ;)

Godmars2903093d ago

This is someone from Activision saying this. May as well be trying to bleed creativity from a stone...

Derpy3093d ago (Edited 3093d ago )

Though I enjoy hoping online once and a while to enjoy a game with friends, for the most part, I prefer the single player experience. I've heard many another gamer say the same thing, so while there are a lot of online gamers out there, I still think there are still quite a few single player gamers out there (not to mention gamers who enjoy both) and developers would do well to take the media's view that single player gaming is dying with a grain of salt. New IPs would do well if companies would get the word out. Poor advertising has probably hurt single player games more than online gaming has.

As for games being deeper, excluding the occasional exception, it seems to me like a lot of games are shorter and simpler this gen than previous.

KrimsonKody3093d ago

Lazy basturds!
What if there were no online? In fact, online is probably the only thing keeping Activison afloat.
I believe that there is toooo much aspiring talents out there for us (gamers) to not be 'flooded' with new IP's.

Ooh, Activison;
Just drown already!

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