Is Halo worth $15?

Software... update. Two extremely dull words that, when combined, become even duller. So why is the entire gaming community currently abuzz about the next iteration of the Xbox 360 dashboard? When did mandatory software upgrades become so dramatic and controversial?

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ceedubya94930d ago

If they focus on only the best xbox games, and some hard to find classics, and add in achievements, then this will be really huge. The PS1 downloads were a good idea for the PS3, but man Sony really doesn't seem to give a crap about that. Hopefully Microsoft will get some of these games out at a good pace.

Coconutz9194930d ago

Have you seen the Japan PSN store? There are infinately more PS1 games on there, but in the US/Euro store not so much.

rofldings4930d ago

Not worth $15.

CS 1.6 + CSS = $10 = better fps.

jiggyjay4929d ago

M$ should rework Halo1 add in achievements and put in online multiplayer and people would snatch that up for $30! I'm pretty sure it would probably outsell halo3 if they did that!

ktchong4930d ago

Only if it's in hi-def and includes achievements

G_CodeMonkey4930d ago (Edited 4929d ago )

To do game-specific achievements (the only kind meaningful) would require to re-work the code beyond just emulation, to actually trigger achievements in meaningful places/events (finished a level, slayed a dragon, etc.). They (and doubtful the original publishers) won't want to spend time/money on this, though it would be very cool... gCM

@2.3 -- if you're talking about the re-made "classics" such as Gyruss, they were built as "new" versions, not an already backward-compatible version you could play via the original disc, even though the start screens from those Williams remakes mentions emulation technology. Also, given the known bugs with the load screens/extra content, it doesn't sound like they are going to expend much effort to make it beyond "working". While your scenario could happen, I doubt (IMHO) M$ wants to put that much money into it.

Ignorant Fanboy4930d ago

They put in achievements for all the old arcade games.

So what would be so different about adding them for full length games?

Nothing really, except they would have to pay the developers to do it, and I think developers like money.

DrRage774930d ago

Crimson Skies....OH YEAH!!!!!! one of my absolute all-time favorite on the original xbox. online multiplayer rocked, and still does for those that still play it!

Vojkan4930d ago

"Is Halo worth $15?"- i would not take it or play it even if THEY paid me 15 bucks.

WilliamRLBaker4930d ago

yep we know this, and you wanna know why? because you'd get killed by a single grunt on easy no matter what you did, because you suck at games:)

Vojkan4930d ago

Nahhh Halo is overrated, thats all. And masterchief is homo.

The Chief of Mjolnir4930d ago

Wow, vojkan. That was really mature...


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The story is too old to be commented.