IGN Gives 6.8/10 to Rayman Raving Rabbids 2

Rabbids 2 is a sequel that has more style than substance. It's unfortunate, but it's true. While Ubisoft has added 50 new minis and colored the experience with unlockable costumes and Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection support (for high score tracking), the core games are less enjoyable than those in the first, which is very disappointing. If you plan to pick the game up to play with friends, you will still have some fun -- some of the minis still deliver -- but don't expect a compete package as varied as the original.

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MK_Red4927d ago

Ubi should make a seperate game for Rabbids and add singleplayer campaign with platform levels, big story and other stuff. The rabbid characters have limitless potentical.

Brainiac 84927d ago

While I'm sure it will be fun and I love the Rabbids, it will be mostly more of the same.

What I would like is for Ubisoft to do a all out new Rayman Platformer with the Rabbids (Like you said) with Ancel at the helm. Rayman 2: The Great Escape was a fantastic platformer.

Anu_da_rabbid4895d ago

Yeah, they're thinking of that actually...
I don't like Rayman much. Besides, all you see of him is a drawing of his head and a blurred vision of him as he dashes across the screen in the WHOLE GAME! They are pretty much saying goodbye to him doing that.
PS: That's the DS version.

BubyDudy4927d ago

I second, third, fourth and fifth the above comment, Rabbids are superstars!

Just make a game with them as the heroes and have the mini games as...well, mini games!

Anu_da_rabbid4895d ago

I have this game for DS and it's actually one of the best games I have. RRR2 for Wii is not that great or fun though.