North American box art revealed for Silent Hill: Downpour

Online retailer,, has revealed what appears to be the official North American box art for the upcoming Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 title, Silent Hill: Downpour.

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Ramas3093d ago

have to agree, prety dull cover, but who cares as long as game is good and i hope it will be good, ofcourse no chance for it to beat SH2, but hoping it will be atleast better then home comming. Though home comming is not that bad game apart from to much action in it.

LightSamus3093d ago

Definitely prefer the UK one, the orange glow behind the logo on the US one just looks bad. After all the promotion using a blue themed logo and they just change it. How silly.

OhMyGandhi3093d ago

I don't know. I prefer this one to the UK version.
This one doesn't have the boring "dirty texture" blend over everything. It's more streamlined.
Both of them are rather average, but this one doesn't seem to annoy me as much as the other version.

NarooN3093d ago

A lot better than the atrocious photoshop job PAL version. It actually features rain prominently on the cover, and the pose of Murphy suggests he has a darker side to him. UK cover was just a random monster and a creepy postman on the side.

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