EA: What would PlayStation 4 even do?

Gamers happy with current-gen consoles, argues EA Labels boss

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THC CELL3099d ago

That will be upto u ea. if sony follow the vita. then so.

It will make the best games next gen

jaosobno3099d ago (Edited 3099d ago )

"EA: What would PlayStation 4 even do?"

1. 1080p
2. 60 fps
3. Advanced object&fluid physics
4. Advanced facial animation
5. Tesselation&displacement mapping
6. Huge open world games with incredible graphics
7. Expanded bluray standard with 100+ GB discs
8. Cross-game chat.

It would do what PS3 does, only much much better, bigger and more beautiful. Just like PS3 did when it succeded PS2.

So it's an idiotic question on behalf of EA. I'll buy PS4 day 1 when it comes out. And those that are not ready now for next gen won't be ready ever, since that kind of people always have some kind of excuse why we shouldn't have next gen just yet.

wicko3099d ago

Honestly a lot of those things are more in line with what a developer wants than what a consumer wants. I think consumers are still happy with 360/PS3 right now.

3099d ago
jaosobno3099d ago (Edited 3099d ago )

@wicko, I am a consumer and I'm no longer happy with my PS3. Why? Because I saw the likes of BF3 (others will follow) and realized that my PS3 can't even dream of running something like that, certainly not in all of its glory.

And guess what? Thing will only get worse. X360 is even worse, console stuck with a prehistoric DVD drive with less power than PS3.

@Ocelot, I thought your mom told you to stay in your cage. She won't be happy if she sees you running around Internet unattended. Now put your collar on and go back to where you belong.

Ju3099d ago

R3 looks awesome, UC3 looks awesome, BF3 will look awesome. So will plenty of other games.

Yes, would be nice to have a machine with all bells and whistles running games at [email protected]+, but I am quite OK what we have. Not going to invest another $500 bucks just to have another box standing around where I basically get the same in now shiny new colors. Because that's all it really does. The games will hardly change.

jaosobno3099d ago

"Not going to invest another $500 bucks just to have another box standing around where I basically get the same in now shiny new colors. Because that's all it really does. The games will hardly change."

Then why the hell did you buy PS3/X360? Same thing could be applied to PS2-->PS3 or xbox-->X360 relationship.

Army_of_Darkness3099d ago

Just because one game has next gen quality visuals (BF3) doesn't mean that we're ready for new consoles?! Most developers can't even reach killzone 2, god of war 3, uncharted 2 and gears 3 quality yet and you expect next gen to start?! Lol! And even if it did, how many games do you think will even be at BF3 caliber?! I'm just being realistic here.
I rather stick with the ps3 for a few more years and keep getting awesome games that reach the consoles peak performance than a new console that won't have nearly as good quality games.

Ulf3098d ago

You realize that 60fps is basically reserved for games which don't have enough graphical detail -- at *whatever* resolution they run at -- to justify running at 30fps, yeah?

Racers are inherently boring scenes, and 60 fps provides a tangible benefit in high-speed racing conditions. It's almost worthless for every other game genre, given the tradeoff of effectively having twice as much GPU power (time/frame) instead.

Ju3098d ago

PS2->PS3 was a quantum leap compared to e.g. push R3 from 720 to 1080. The whole TV industry changed from Tube to Flat panels and higher resolution. The old consoles simply could not utilize the new tech. The only argument which comes even close to this is 3D support where current consoles (incl. the PS3) struggle. But the switch from 2D to 3D is not as dramatic as from tube-NTSC/PAL to 1080p. 2D flat panels will be around, and 3D possibly just an option for a long time.

So, there you have it. It was a dramatic change. Compared to what a PS4 will add to the PS3. Those improvements can be considered a "gimmick". Reaching just a minor improvement almost requires exponentially faster machines. Yes, if you'd break it down into every little detail this can be justified - from a technical perspective; but from a consumer point of view (= price argument) not so much. The objective improvement is not visible in the same amount. That is exactly what EA is saying.

Everybody will upgrade at some point, I have no doubt about it. But no company will invest billions again for breaking with the current generation for just saying "our machine is faster". It will happen when that exponentially faster tech will be available at mainstream prices.

Kleptic3098d ago

I can't lie that I like the idea of having EVERY matter what...locked at 1080p @ 60hz...

No doubt a lot of games look fantastic this generation...but a whole hell of a lot more look like shit...

but I guess that is simply how the industry will continue to work, even into next generation...the top tier quality games being released now put so many other games to definitely is narrowing the list of games I can't wait to play...I remember when this generation started I was ready to get my hands on pretty much every decent game released...but a lot of titles this generation aged very poorly...

and community feature wise...particularly the PS3 and PSN...there definitely is room to improve...the browswer is a joke (my sony ericsson phone has a more complete browser than the PS3, and its not a smart phone)...a couple of the 'promised' features from early this generation never made it...and obviously now, will not make it...

I still like this generation...but I am slowly getting ready for something new...the next generation will take COMPLETE advantage of the TV I bought this in full HD across the board...and that is really all I am looking for anymore...Not interested in 3D, probably won't be, nor this motion control ridiculousness that still isn't really going anywhere...

I think BF3 is going to really be the title that shows console gamers we need an upgrade...or won't...if the console versions scream to a degree where other console shooters can't keep up...great, apparently there are still some legs this generation...if Pc craps all over it to a degree where its just BC2 all over again, and think most of us will be ready for new hardware...

Longsama3098d ago

I completely agree i luvd this console generation till i got a half decent gaming computer 1080p 60fps and dx11 made me second guess what games I'd get for my ps3....When Arkham Asylum looks graphically superior to God of War you know its not just the developers its the hardware....give devs space and they will use it Crysis 2, Rage, and BF3 are plenty enough example of that

bozebo3098d ago

jaosobno pretty much has it right tbh.

MAULxx3098d ago

And Backward compatibility

Theonetheonly3098d ago

Well but of course it would only do
"Everything Squared"

earbus3098d ago (Edited 3098d ago )

You left out fun ,ps3 doesnt have this feature.

DragonKnight3098d ago

What would PS4 do?

Play games.

/end discussion.

TheDivine3098d ago

All of what jaosobno said and add in support for multiple displays, a better bigger revamped psn, and keep the games coming and il bite. Id love mod support for more games also.

yabhero3098d ago

You know Wii U does about 85% of that yay Wii U FTW!!!
Also ps4's specs won't be much stronger than ps3. Also it will still probably run in native 1080 at 60-120 frames per second like the Wii U

BattleAxe3098d ago

EA: "What would PlayStation 4 even do?"

It would only do everything.......

n1kki63098d ago

Honestly a lot of those things are more in line with what a developer wants than what a consumer wants. I think consumers are still happy with 360/PS3 right now.
----------------------------- -----
Exactly, I am good with the ps3, I have alot of free money but would still have trouble justifying another console purchase for graphics. Not when 2014-20015 roll around, yeah, then Im ready.

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Persistantthug3098d ago

And I don't want to spend 4, 5 and $600 for incremental gains.

When I see XBOX 360 and/or PS3 games start to get emulated on the PC, then that's when we'll know it's about time.

CBaoth3098d ago (Edited 3098d ago )

SD is 307,200 pixels (640x480).
HD is 921,600 (1280x720).
FullHD is 2,073,600 (1920x1080).

As you can PLAINLY see, the jump between PS2 to PS3 was a difference of 614,400 pixels. And that's assuming the IP is even 720p at all.

Now compare the jump between 360/PS3 to a normal 1080 PC display; it's a difference of 1,152,000 pixels. You call that an incremental gain? It's almost double the fidelity. Don't need to be a graphics whore to notice.

Longsama is right, but to take it a step further, take any mediocre game/port on the PC like Homefront or AvP or Brink or Prototype and play them. Now try the current consoles. The difference is mind blowing.

Ergo it IS the hardware that's holding back the developers. It cost only 8 million to make the Witcher 2 so "cost" isn't the issue. And I haven't even mentioned the higher enemy count, better AI, no screen tearing, anti-aliasing, HDR lighting, and all the other bells and whistles that the next gen has/will bring.

If you're happy with the current gen, no one's forcing you to upgrade. But you and EA's cronies telling me it's not needed, that's utter bollocks. I already upgraded a year ago.

Persistantthug3098d ago

I've seen and played some of Uncharted 3 and Gears 3.

I'm good bro.

No upgrade needed yet....not for me.

Both Sony and Microsoft agree with my sentiment.....unfortunately... ..unfortunately for you, not me. :)

evrfighter3098d ago (Edited 3098d ago )

^unfortunately for you

Sony and M$ don't give two licks about you.

your job is job is to believe what they say and give them money when they tell you to. And you do a damn fine job of it. I bet your swimming in Move accessories and Kinect games.

BTW how's steam on ps3 treating you Mr. We get the same steam as pc gamers. lol

Persistantthug3098d ago

Perhaps we should play Portal 2 together sometime.

Or, Would you prefer to wait for the next COUNTER STRIKE instead?

Just let me know. :)

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xxLuckyStrike3098d ago

Full mind control Over all Of you

gw4k3098d ago

I want better graphics! Come on Sony. You spent all that money to release a system that is equal to a 360! I want something truly ground breaking from you next time!

DragonKnight3098d ago

How about better gameplay, better story, better characters. Screw graphics, they are literally the most superficial aspect of a game.

gw4k3098d ago

All of those things have a role to play but I am a graphics hound. It might be important to you, but for me it is.

derek3098d ago

Many will say "we like what we have now, we dont need more". Of course this is all just talk, the moment the PS4 is revealed along with a whole new slew of games, the pS3 becomes yesterdays news, and those who can afford it will be lining up to get their hands on it. I know I will.

pain777pas3098d ago

The only way I would ok new consoles at this point is if assassins creed CGI trailers or Mass effect CGI trailers or the DC universe trailers are playable graphics. That would amaze me. Anything less makes no sense at this point. UC3 has shown me there is life left and Gears 3 aswell. If all games can look that good they have to atleast hit homeruns everytime. I really think that we are not going to get that level of graphic quality yet. By 2014 it might be a reasonable expectation. BF3 on PC is right on the cusp of that sort of CGI ingame blur. GodOW3 was close aswell.

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The Meerkat3099d ago

Well seeing that the PS3 "only does everything" its going to be hard for the PS4 do more than "everything".

3099d ago
PimpHandHappy3098d ago

cross game "VOICE" chat


steve30x3099d ago (Edited 3099d ago )

@ The Meerkat : The PS3 doesnt do video encoding , 3D modelling or word processing.

wicko3099d ago

It only does everything better.

New advertising pitch, calling it.

DebateMaster3099d ago

"it only does the impossible" sounds better.

Lou-Cipher3099d ago (Edited 3099d ago )

Better Graphics
Better Framerates
Better Online Features
And a regular controller that can be held in our hands.(And also utilize Keyboard & Mouse for every single game)

No need for more stupid gimmicks, just give us what has worked for decades. Just make it more powerful, and more efficient.

steve30x3099d ago

I agree. The only reason I dont play most games on PS3 or Xbox 360 is because theres no keyboard and mouse support in games. I would abandon my PC if gaming did finally have Keyboard and Mouse support on consoles.

steve30x3098d ago

It seems eleven people know me better than myself.

just_looken3098d ago


fyi 2007-present ps3 and select games support half keyboard/mouse control via fragfx killzone2/3 mgo2 r1 top of my head are supported titles.

nickjkl3099d ago

wait what idk about better frame rates

frame rates depend on developer and game no amount of hardware will give you better frame rates if the developer does not take the time to make them stable

Lou-Cipher3098d ago (Edited 3098d ago )

Better hardware makes it easier for developers to have higher framerates.

The reason we usually have 30 FPS on most 360/PS3 games is because the hardware restricts game developers from going higher.

tnator3098d ago

Now that would be cool. What would be cooler though if it could read that poetry in 3D at 60fps. Day 1 purchase for me then!