Gaming Platforms Need their Own Social Networking Services

Naturally, due to their popularity, companies are attempting to implement social networking services by any means necessary. While it makes sense on something like your phone to have a hub for all these outside networks, on a gaming console it seems a bit our of place as the devices were never really built with social networking in mind. You have a messaging system, voice chat and that's about it. So when we tack on different social networking services onto our handhelds or home consoles, it feels almost redundant as we already have so many other devices that can do these services, and do them better.

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THC CELL3102d ago

Home is a social network.

fucadastates3101d ago

I use it as a gaming platform. a hell of alot of free games. alot better games than on my android. some free some not. i have used more time on sodium 2 than geow2

MasterCornholio3101d ago (Edited 3101d ago )

They are going to beat her. Then they are going to beat me.


Troll Fortress 2 :

LOL they forgot about Home. Its sad that home while free isnt as good as it should be.

joeorc3101d ago

Sony already Has one, Its called Home! iT ALREADY HAS 23 MILLION regular user's that Spend 70 min's or more daily.
If that's not a social network I do not know what is.

Granted it's not much in number's as Facebook, but it does not have to be,I would imagine it would be nice no doubt, But Home is more than just Only a social Network,it is also a Game development Platform for indie developer's that can produce a game Experience in a social network unique to Home.

The Revamp for Home is about Keeping more of the Playstion Gamers connected, an more Game intregation within Home.

I mean Dead island, is a 3rd party game an already Home allows you to play in a social Game network an get a taste of what the game is like, that is currently Unique to the Playstation 3.

Sure you can get a Demo, but most Demos are not Multi-player, let alone net you free items for the Gamer community.

Ocean3101d ago

Personally i dont use any of these social networking sites..not really my cup of tea...dont even own a mobile lol

ZILLA3100d ago

it beats all of those generic type apps like facebook and twitter.

joeorc3100d ago

"PS3+HOME is king!!
it beats all of those generic type apps like facebook and twitter."

while i would Agree for me personally that
Playstation 3's Home is a better Social network Experience than Facebook or Twitter, because i have used all Three, I just do not think to many it Beats the other Social Networks out there. Like i said though for Me it is a better Experience, due to it being more Gamer Oriented Experiences, than the other Two.