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user8586213098d ago (Edited 3098d ago )

Mario Bros + Donkey Kong + Metroid + Adventures of link for free??... awesome!!! Thankyou Nintendo!!!

Gray-Fox-Type03098d ago

you kidding me you can get all nes, snes gb,gbc,gba games for free and numerous devices have emulators to play them perfectly from PSP,the original DS to mobile phones to the PC...etc

I am waiting for actual 3DS games, that use its hardware and features, not the terrible eshop that is a disgrace at this time. £7 for a old black and white gameboy game? LOL

Kee3098d ago

Dude, some of us are legit.

kingdavid3098d ago (Edited 3098d ago )

And You can get any game on any console for free if you want..

Seriously though gray fox, what was the point of saying that?

wumster3098d ago

A lot is wrong with that statement Fox...we do the right things here.

Baka-akaB3098d ago (Edited 3098d ago )

you guys are right to state that legit is better , but still let's be honest , its nothing astonishing , even if still a gift .

Beside who told you he hasnt bought those gmes at some point full price ?

Gray-Fox-Type03098d ago (Edited 3098d ago )

also adding to this apprantly nintendo eshop can not add demos without charging for let me get this straight paid demos are going to be available on the eshop! PAID DEMOS for £2.00 or somthing. No trials no nothing.

Thankfully Super Mario Land 3DS looks great along with Luiges Mansion & Resident Evil Revelations and MGS3 3D..maybe then i will play my 3DS finally....Nintendo has been terrible with online features..but hopefully all that will be forgetton with amazing games like Zelda, Mario , Metriod and numerous RPGs and other games become available 3DS has potential but we got to wait.

But at this point the PSP PSN Store is much better then the Eshop...

Spitfire_Riggz3098d ago

Legit? I am legit I own the games I emulate. I dont need to own them again on a 3ds

lizard812883098d ago (Edited 3098d ago )

Thats Nintendo's idea. aren't they nice to 3rd parties /s

I think it is a dick move. Nintendo on the other hand, can give stuff away from free on the e-shop, like excite bike, and pokedex 3d, when the e-shop 1st launched. but heaven forbid 3rd parties do the same. They complained that they want it like the app store that apple has or something really dumb. thats why 3rd parties HAVE to charge for demos, while Nintendo doesn't.

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eferreira3098d ago

waiting to see what gba games I get instead. Nes games dont excite me since Ive played them over many consoles

NIN643098d ago

You can download all 20 games. You don't have to choose NES or GBA.

MasterCornholio3098d ago (Edited 3098d ago )

The List

Super Mario Bros.
Donkey Kong Jr.
Balloon Fight
Ice Climber
The Legend of Zelda
Wrecking Crew
Mario Open Golf
Mario & Yoshi
Zelda: Adventures of Link

Not bad at all. Looks like Nintendo is doing a good job of rewarding early adopters.

The only problem that i can see from this list is for Nintendo fans who already played the games already. But for those who havent its great.

BTW instead of super mario bros i would change it to Super Mario Allstars

Stephen55433098d ago

But Super Mario Allstars is an SNES game and it was NES(and GBA) games that were that couldn't make it onto the list. Even a dream one.

Azurite3098d ago

Wonder when they'll add SNES titles.

HOSe3098d ago

heres hoping for super mario bros 3 from gba.

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