Halo Anniversary - PAX 2011: Ridgeline Map Slayer Gameplay (Cam)

It's all-out vehicular warfare in the open roads of Ridgeline in the HD Halo remake.

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fr00ty-wizenhymer3094d ago

Why can't they just bring back the actual original multiplayer. If I wanna play Reach than I'll play Reach.

wwm0nkey3094d ago

They have explained this before several times and even in their MP panel at Halo Fest.

Adding in online for the original was simply out of scope for this remake also it would split the Halo: Reach community even more. So they came up with a pretty good compromise. That compromise was the Title Update that will be adding back in classic options into Halo: Reach, hell they are even adding back in the Halo 1 pistol with the update lol.

There will be a playlist dedicated to nothing but classic settings, so if you want a Halo 1 like experience then go play that, you do not have to play default Reach if you do not want too.

fr00ty-wizenhymer3094d ago

That still sucks, it's still not the original multiplayer. Guess I'm stuck playing Halo 1 Online on PC.

wwm0nkey3094d ago (Edited 3094d ago )

You can do that too if you want. No one is stoping you from playing Halo PC (except maybe its terrible netcode)

Again it might suck but its better than nothing since like they said, adding MP into the original would have been out of scope for this remake and would have split the community (which is bad).

Also a lot of people that played with the TU at HaloFest have given a lot of positive impressions.

bozebo3094d ago (Edited 3094d ago )

I felt shivers in my spine watching the awesome Pistol being used :P

bozebo3094d ago (Edited 3094d ago )

I felt shivers in my spine watching the Pistol being used :P

But if none of the money from a purchase of the remake goes to Bungie then I will not be buying it. If 343 need to make a new engine for halo 4,5,6 then I am not expecting the games to feel anywhere near as good as traditional Halos because they won't have the full original team who were no doubt important to the game's full success - look what happened to FF when a lot of staff left after the Enix merge, and remember how good Free Radical were after those guys left Rare when Rare became crap afterwards... same thing might happen to Halo.

SixZeroFour3094d ago

except that a number of ppl from bungie went to work for 343...and lets not forget that corrienne yu is lead engine programmer over there

the "feel" of halo from here on out may or may not be different cause bungie isnt there, but they have proven their worth in my eyes with the work they did with the defiant map pack (yes i know CA worked on that) and CEA...also, their TU and forum and twitter support, proves to me that the community matters to 343i

MasterD9193093d ago

I love the new maps...Bright and colorful. Look like an absolute blast to play on.

My one and only complaint from Reach is that they were missing the authentic Halo maps and this takes care of that!