Halo Anniversary - PAX 2011: Penance Map Slayer Gameplay (Cam)

Dish out some serious punishment in the Penance map of Halo: Anniversary's multiplayer.

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LightofDarkness3093d ago

Now I know the energy sword wasn't in Halo, nor was sprinting....

fr00ty-wizenhymer3093d ago

Why can't they just bring back the actual original multiplayer. If I wanna play Reach than I'll play Reach.

casuaIGAM3R3093d ago

You have said this for other halo articles....they are adding a classic playlist which will bring back the Halo 1 pistol etc.

fr00ty-wizenhymer3093d ago

Ok but that's still not Halo 1.

Jdub895O3093d ago

well frooty, do you remember the pistol in halo 1? Thats why it has to be modified a little.

m233093d ago

If you did a little research, you would find out, instead of asking in every article. They have explained it multiple times before. First of all, they did not want to split up the Halo Reach community only a year after it came out. I think they also noted some network problems with it, as well as weapons such as the pistol just not fun for some people.
They are adding new playlists dedicated to people who did enjoy the original multiplayer, even adding the pistol from Halo CE.