Team Fortress 2 Official T-Shirts

Valve and J!NX have partnered to launch the official Team Fortress 2 T-shirts.

Only two designs are available: the Pyro and the Medic. More will come at a later time.

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Medievaldragon3105d ago

I like to play Medic, but love to throw rockets from afar too. What class would you love to see a Shirt design of?

Cablephish3104d ago

How about an official line of hats? I think they would benefit vastly from an official line of hats, seeing as many people who play tf2 are hat collectors. :P

Medievaldragon3104d ago

hah, yea good one. I'll actually email JINX with the suggestion. Thanks.

Cablephish3103d ago (Edited 3103d ago )

lol, I was partly kidding.

Although I'd KILL for a real Unusual Pyros's Beanie with searing plasma effect, side effects aside.