UK CHARTS: Deus Ex: Human Revolution lands at number one, 57% of sales on Xbox 360

OXM UK: "Deus Ex: Human Revolution has landed in first place for the UK software sales week ending 27th August, selling just 26,000 short of Deus Ex: Invisible War's lifetime total."

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user8586213105d ago

Hoping to get the augmented edition 2day :)

dirigiblebill3105d ago

Love this game. Interested to know how the PC version differs...

Perjoss3105d ago (Edited 3105d ago )

I've played both PC and 360, to be honest I prefer the 360 version (PS3 version is almost identical to 360 apart from different edge smoothing and colours) PC version looks a bit like a port if you know what i mean, places that should look dark look a bit too bright (and its not a simple case of adjusting brightness / contrast) but its not too bad overall. Played the PC version with all on max settings and DX11.

Frame rate on PC obviously goes well above 60 while the consoles stay around 30. Looks like the radial menu is gone in the PC version, instead you get a hotbar at the bottom for quick selecting (you can set it to autohide if it gets in the way) Game is a bit nicer to play with a mouse but I do hate playing on keyboard, wish PC gaming would catch up on analog movement.

dirigiblebill3105d ago

Cheers. Do you notice any fundamental gameplay differences (smarter AI, for instance), or is it just the usual PC vs console "sharper controls, higher technical threshold" story?

mrmikew20183105d ago

just hook your 360 controller to your PC and you should be all set.

Perjoss3105d ago

only gameplay changes are stuff like moving around a mouse cursor and clicking nodes to do stuff like hacking, choosing skill points and navigating the games ebooks and pocket secretaries (they are like text logs left lying around) which is quite nice as I found the controller quite clumsy for stuff like that. It's like the designers could not make up their mind which buttons were for navigating forward and back. In the game world X was your standard confirm button but then in the menus it was A. Not a huge deal just a but confusing at times.

lelo2play3104d ago (Edited 3104d ago )

"I've played both PC and 360, to be honest I prefer the 360 version"

You got to be kidding me!!!

Deus Ex: Human Revolution PC version on DX11 is much, much better looking then the X360 version. The gameplay is smoother and has KB/Mouse combination... if you don't like KB, connect a X360 controller with a simple PC adapter (got it cheap on ebay).

Perjoss3104d ago

no im not kidding, I love both my xbox and my PC, so I have no reason to lie, its just my opinion.

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Goeres3105d ago

Beggars can't be choosers. ;)

Hah, na I kid! Seems like a great game, though I don't know if it's my cup of team :(

Objective3105d ago (Edited 3105d ago )

Been playing this game for the past 2 days and I'm enjoying it much more than MGS4.


They're both stealth games, and I think this one is better, that's the point.

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andibandit3105d ago

I've been thinking about getting this game too, looks better than Pac-Man

leahcim3105d ago

I disagree,on MGS4 you can feel on your hands the beating heart of the main character, you can even feel its pain and its sorrows, you can feel that you are an old man, every moment, every dialogue it packed with an incredible ammount of feelings, in this game you can reach the climax of gaming world, I have deus ex (10 hours of gameplay already) great game but nothing more, I cannot feel the perfection in the air in this game. You cannot compare this with a game that has received perfect punctuation in two completely different cultures (Western & Eastern world).Wester Perfect: IGN, Gamespot, Eurogamr, Game Pro, Game Shark. Eastern Perfect: FAMITSU

RockmanII73105d ago

Hope developers see this and realize that games in August can sell well, the biggest reason why I bought it is because there were no other big profile games I want until October. If Dues Ex would have come out in October, I probably wouldn't have bought it until it was like $30 but now I bought it Day 1.

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