Gaming in the Media Spotlight: A Controversial Summer

This summer has been full of negative allegations about video games and their effect on our psychologies and work ethic. Especially in the past few months, video games have been featured in both national and global news on an almost daily basis. The salacious portrayal of the gaming industry reached a fever pitch after the horrifying rampage in Norway on July 22nd, when it was revealed that the individual responsible used games, and in particular first-person shooters, to ‘train’ his combat skills. Not surprisingly, the media response to the Norway incident was quick and decisive. Several chains of retail stores in the country immediately pulled the offending games from their shelves, and some journalists urged stores elsewhere in the world to do the same.

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Atraisce3096d ago

It's strange to think that some people will blame the actions of others on inanimate objects (like video games!). The problem, I find, is that some people can handle certain types of content while others can't. I have been playing "violent" video games for pretty much my whole life and I've never had a violent incident. I think the trick is that age is a good guideline, but isn't necessarily a good measure of someones maturity level. Many people think that maturity is a function of age, but it's just not that easy to measure. And, of course, there are tons of violent incidents that have nothing to do with video games...