Battlefield 3 Coming With Ultra Settings For PC's

PC games come with graphics settings, to help you adjust your gaming experience based off your system's power. Battlefield 3 will have the standard low, medium, and high settings, plus one more. Ultra.

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latinalover3103d ago (Edited 3103d ago )

sorry it has double posted

Peppino73103d ago

I always wanted to fry my pc. Now I can try!

Winter47th3103d ago

The only difference with the PC is a few more pixels and the most horrible elitest community this generation ever vomited.

Boody-Bandit3103d ago (Edited 3103d ago )

Winter47th, where the hell is that coming from? I own every console and recently went back to the world of PC gaming after a 6 year hiatus. I have run into a few hundred PC gamers online already and I'm not seeing it the way you are.

If anything it's just a bunch of gamers playing games. Not a whole lot of people singing into their mics, swearing and screaming racial nonsense or blasting music to drown out those that use mics for team speak.

On most gaming sites PC gamers fall just slightly above Wii gamers for voicing their opinions. So again, I'm not seeing where this whole elitist thing you perceive is coming from.

If it's from a performance stand point. Is it any different than console gamers that have top of the line displays and sound systems pounding their chest or poking fun at those that game on Visio's with no sound system or cheap headphones?

On topic:
I cant wait to see how my new gaming PC will be able to run BF3. I am hoping I can push max settings with a smooth frame rate. Or else I will be a little disappointed since I have near top of the line specs. I don't know what upgrades I could do to make it perform better.

superrey193103d ago


How dare you... I love my Vizio! Lol :P

Pixel_Pusher3103d ago (Edited 3103d ago )

Gaming PC rules! Mac/OS X Lion ownz all!!! >:D

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ATi_Elite3103d ago

Now that's what i like to hear!!!

Uber Settings, Ultra Settings, Kick Ass Settings!

Pjuice3102d ago (Edited 3102d ago )

pc gamers wouldn't have to even defend pc gaming if it wasn't for devs making games on console first then porting to pc, we defend and buy tons of games like crazy cause we think its the better platform and we get screwed allot thank god its coming back some, most ppl know pc is the most powerful system yet games get ported to it and shafted on it games should be made for the most powerful system with the graphics power and features we want, then cut back to look, play, and run good on the slower consoles..... thank god dice listens to the pc community still think 3d spotting needs to be totally removed though

KonaBro3103d ago

This is why I can't stand PC elitists. Yes, PC has the best graphics and most flexible systems. Hell, I'm building a PC right now just for BF3. However, not everyone is into PC gaming. Some people just want to turn on a PS3 or 360, pop in a disc and play, not spend hundreds of dollars just to play a select few games that not everyone they know will be playing. There is room for both consoles and PCs in the world guys.


I love how people keep trying to act like PC gamers are the only ones that say such things.

Substance1013103d ago (Edited 3103d ago )

"Some people just want to turn on a PS3 or 360, pop in a disc and play, not spend hundreds of dollars just to play a select few games".

But console gaming is actually more expensive.


Lol true, if you look at this site its the PS3 gamers that keep praising the PS3 the most, even though graphics differences between PS3 and 360 are piddly at best, with 360 actually being better on most multiplats.

lelo2play3103d ago

Believe me... console fan-boys are much worser then PC fan-boys.

MRMagoo1233103d ago

Ive just upgraded my pc the other day with my tax return money and the amount i had to spend to get it running most games at max is crazy then i still need to get myself a new cooler cos the phenom 2 runs hot and summer is coming where i am, all in all its cost me alot more to get my pc playing games than my consoles.

ATi_Elite3102d ago (Edited 3102d ago )

"Some people just want to turn on a PS3 or 360, pop in a disc and play, not spend hundreds of dollars just to play a select few games that not everyone they know will be playing."

Well for me i just wanna click start on the game i wanna play and be playing it before your console even boots or your disc loads. My PC is meant to run 24/7/365 without me having to worrying about it RROD/YLOD.

as far as a select few games goes.....You know nothing about PC Gaming! Most of the games i play are PC Exclusives and it's a long list. PC Gaming is about more than just graphics and better multi-plats . We have a whole catalog of games specific to OUR gaming needs.

Besides the article was about Ultra PC Settings so why come in here talk about consoles unless your just jealous!!! I'm sure there is an Uncharted 3 thread on N4G for you to be Celebrating in.

Everyone i know will be Playing Red Orchestra 2 in two weeks!!!

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latinalover3103d ago

PC is a part of gaming just like consoles are a part of gaming. so stop hating

andibandit3103d ago (Edited 3103d ago )

dont rule out the PS3 yet, only the lord knows what can be done if they utillize all the SPU's of the PS3.

Pjuice3100d ago (Edited 3100d ago )

lmao it never gets old, ps3 owners thinking cell is like the damn cube from transformers.cell architecture in that ps3 is way outdated.

JsonHenry3103d ago (Edited 3103d ago )

Don't hate Peppino7. You can play games they way they were meant to be played if you get a gaming rig too.

And lets not forget that the PC has a LOT more uses than a console, including a ton of awesome free to play games, cheaper (typically) new games, most DLC is free to PC players, and you get honest to goodness native HD resolutions.

DeadIIIRed3103d ago

@Brutallyhonest Ever since BF3 news has been streaming in PC gamers have been voicing their elitist opinions more and more. The whole "PC gaming will rise again!" attitudes are what annoy me. BF3 will look best on PC, but trust me PC gaming will never make a comeback against consoles.

Letros3103d ago

PC Gaming already grosses more money than consoles, and is still growing, not sure where you've been. It's ok to be mad, just not in denial.

DeadIIIRed3103d ago

I'm seeing a lot about relative market growth, but not about "grossing more than consoles." The PC market has grown slightly since 2008, but it's still got a long way to go from matching the consoles market. Look up any independent market report for yourself if you don't believe me.

Substance1013103d ago


The console market actually has been on a decline since 2008. Nintendo sales are down they are starting to make losses. Sony is still making losses has yet to see a profit this gen. Ms is the only console maker actually making a profit. Sorry but console market is actually shrinking.

DeadIIIRed3103d ago

@Substance101 Sony has yet to see profit this gen? Funny because off the top of my head I remember a quarterly earnings report from Sony last October claiming a jump in profit due to PS3 and Bravia sales.

The console market has shrunk drastically since 2008, but despite that and the growth in the PC market, the consoles still dominate the market as a whole.

radphil3103d ago


And yet the irony is that a console is the same components as a PC, but geared towards gaming, yet same people rag on about PC gaming dying.

If PC gaming is dying, then that's BAD for consoles too, because that's no room for improvement, especially with tech.

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hiredhelp3103d ago

GAMING PC's are the best, expensive but worth it when you have games like bf3 that make use of what you have.

Ranshak3103d ago (Edited 3103d ago )

That depends PC gaming is very flexible, you can have a 2000usd monster rig equipped with tri sli or quad sli GPUs along with an I7 oced to hell loaded with SSDs, running at some insane resolution like 5760*1080(which is atleast 6 times higher then the current console 720HD standard) thats one end of the spectrum.

On the other end you can get a 500usd rig that will still be doing 1080p 60fps(which is still a gen ahead of consoles) and can get every game on a cheaper price hence be cheaper than console. Do not forget the same PC also plays any console game(except 360 and PS3). Hence if you do own a license to the game its like having a PC and multiple consoles meshed into one box, aside all the other extra stuff a PC can do.

IMO PC is at both ends of the spectrum. With the cost difference betwen console and PC game prices. You can virtually end up building a 1000usd PC for free with all the money saved in 2-3years of gaming.

ATi_Elite3103d ago

I just don't get why some people just rant and rave about the cost of a Gaming PC and just totally ignore the fact that a Gaming PC does more than just play games.

Seriously i do not see people doing their taxes, editing video, writing thesis papers, or burning Blu-ray disc on a console! One of the best features of a graphics card today is that they can encode gigabytes of video in a few minutes.

So before we see the obligatory "i'll be playing BF3 on a $300 console and not a $50 million dollar PC blah blah blah" there are many other non gaming task that PC's do and unfortunately i do more than just play games!

Battlefield since 1942!

MrSent3103d ago (Edited 3103d ago )

Well said!
Same here, Battlefield since 1942!

cdland3103d ago

Ok... ya I don't need a brick so forget a 360... Oh more than play games... PC make games. And porn lets not kid our selves... Porn is a huge industry... lol :-) Just say'in...

MRMagoo1233103d ago

what shitty graphics cards are you using to have a monster gaming rig for $2000 ? Its like $700 for a good graphics card and yeh im talking about high end cos your talking about monster rig not some person running 3 x gtx 560 or something then you need to buy a new cooler system for the pc too cos the fans that come with the cpu and case(unless you spend a bunch on the case which is more cost) wont work well enough to keep everything from over heating within 10 mins of turning the pc on. People blowing it out of their arse about how cheap it can be to game need to tell ppl that yeh you can get a cheap pc really cheap but it will be shit and wont run games that look as good as most consoles.

hiredhelp3103d ago

You sir, have issues by the way you cant have a 3way sli on a 560 think thats what you mean.
As for cooling look around you can get some good stuff without blowing a fortune.
Look for the right type of video cards preferably ones take less power running with heatskin and pipes.
You really need to cool down maybe try a noctua fan or something.

user8586213103d ago

Dammit Dice enough is enough!! I already told you I AM GETTING THIS FOR THE PC!!!

UltimateIdiot9113103d ago

Got it preordered on the PC. =D

64 on a map. Wooo!

Mcardle3103d ago

I game first on the pc, but EA are doing there best to make sure I never play this game with all there shinanigans. Shame as DICE have put alot of effort into this game and I will be missing out on a stellar title but I just can't support EA's conduct regarding this title.

RankFTW3103d ago

What's the problem like?

Mcardle3103d ago

Everything From their exclusive DLC plans to requiring that you install a spyware filled Origin to play it even if you buy a retail version etc etc etc

superrey193103d ago


Oh you mean like how valve requires you to install steam in order to play their games?

Exclusive dlc plans? Just like every other publisher is doing huh?