Coin 'n Carry Brings Actual GAME DESIGN back to Social Games

So many social games out there are painful clickfests with little or no actual game design behind them. Frogdice Games looks to break away from that with their new social web game, Coin 'n Carry.

In Coin 'n Carry, you are a medieval shop keeper trying to make your mark in the world. You play mini-games to earn resources and recipes, you craft items, and you sell them in your shop.

Along the way you compete on leaderboards, make friends, help or get helped by your friends, collect things, and engage in a variety of strategic and tactical decision making.

This article explores the design of Coin 'n Carry while also delving into some of the intricacies of this segment of the gaming market.

Coin 'n Carry can be played on PC or Mac, Android Phones, and Android tablets.

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Glamis3100d ago

I am a huge fan of the social game genre, but I have been really disappointed by how shallow most of the games are. As a result, I pretty much stopped playing them.

I have kept an eye on the genre in hopes that perhaps some serious game designers would enter the space, and perhaps this is a sign that at least one has.

I checked out this game Coin 'n Carry and so far it looks amazing.

The article itself does a good job explaining the basics, but perhaps just as interesting are some of the comments about social games in general and the negatives to hosting your game on Facebook.

Great read.

Axll3099d ago

Really great article. The game looks great too, I will definitely be checking it out.

gornak3099d ago (Edited 3099d ago )

I thought this was going to be about arcade cabinets on caster wheels.

Muckbeast3099d ago

What made you think that? The title of the game?

Its a play on the expression "Cash 'n Carry" in modern parlance, converted to more medieval style. :P