Want to max out Battlefield 3 ? Hear what the developer says.

Battlefield developer Johan Andersson drops a line about maxing a game out.

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gamingdroid3093d ago

It's simple, the console version will be maxed out with a relatively low ceiling.

Happy? :D

Orpheus3092d ago (Edited 3092d ago )

I was not even talking about consoles !!! LOL

Orpheus3094d ago (Edited 3094d ago )

It is better when a game is hard to max out. Would you people be happy if someone named the high settings as ultra and removed the ultra part so that you could max it out? You are getting the high settings as well as the ultra so there is nothing lost in it , its just that the ceiling is much higher now. More over you can't call this game unoptimized you all saw how well the alpha ran and the final version is going to be even more optimized. It is the first true 64bit game , first game to properly use direct x 11 and if you do a comprehensive study you will know how well optimized the game is.

Be happy don't blame DICE and thank them :-).

theonlylolking3093d ago

Devs should have a scale of 1-15 in terms of graphic settings for textures, shaders, shadows, etc... So then the crappies PC can play their game and the best PC's will have a very hard time running the game on max.

Takoulya3093d ago

Exactly, make games future proof to a certain degree. Maxing games is just a penis competition anyways, make games playable for a larger amount of computers, suiting to the players desired FPS.

Triggs3093d ago (Edited 3093d ago )

That makes sense.

PC Gamers on the platform for more than 20 years would remember how many game developers loved to overshoot the capabilities of the then mid-range gaming rigs (and to some extent dream machines) back then, it was just like challenging the hardware manufacturers to make something that can run their game to the highest settings, and encouraging gamers to upgrade to better hardware. This in my opinion drove growth, innovation, invention, and improvement in the computer industry to what we see today and beyond. Otherwise we'd probably still be stuck with DOS graphics or Windows using software rendering in 2011.

I remember wishing way back that the we could play a game with graphics as good as the Mechwarrior 2 introduction movie, and we're way ahead past that now.

NYC_Gamer3093d ago

People should be happy about this after that poor effort called crysis 2

Tr10wn3093d ago

currently waiting on the beta because the alpha didn't have the graphics i was expecting and seeing on the trailers.

C_Menz3093d ago

Looking forward to seeing how my PC handles this. Recently built a new computer for BF3 with a GT 560 TI and a Intel Core i5-2500K 3.7ghz quad core cpu.

Don't think I will be able to "max it out" but hopefully it will look great on high settings.

Gran Touring3093d ago

I've got a relatively similar spec as you; I don't expect to max the game out, and I honestly hope I don't. I want the game to be scalable so that 2-3 years down the road when better hardware is available, the game can still keep up with the best of them. Which probably will be the case since this is running on DX11...

vickers5003093d ago

"and I honestly hope I don't."

So you don't want the game to run at its full potential now, so you can wait 2-3 years so it can run at its full potential then?

Gran Touring3091d ago

I'm not saying I don't want the game looking good now, because I do, but I want an engine that has room for potential with newer and better hardware. BF3, much like the BF2, is a game that will be played for years until the sequel comes around. I'd like the game to not only look good now, but keep up with the best in years to come. If you played BF2, you'd know that BF2 from '05 looks nothing like BF2 on an '08+ spec. I guarantee you, the differences are much more than just framerate.

I liken this situation to that of Crysis (the first one) how CryEngine 2, though highly criticized for it's lack of optimization upon release, was clearly ahead of its time that it stands very fair ground against its sequel, Crysis 2. That's what I want, and I hope others share my same wish, in BF3; a highly scalable engine, albeit optimized for today's DX11 cards. BF3 will look great now, but it will look even better (and not just run faster) in years to come. That means increased Tessellation, particle density, physics processing, object drawing etc... Hopefully Frostbite 2 partnered with DX11 can get it done.

xtremexx3093d ago (Edited 3093d ago )

who wants to bet this game will become a benchmark for GPU's

dontbhatin3093d ago

my build will be here tomorrow morning!!! i have a radeon hd 6850 and a AMD phenom 2 X4 3.4 ghz quad core. if i add another gpu i will definitely be able to max it out, but i won't do that till next year.

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The story is too old to be commented.