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Check out video review for Codemasters new FPP shooter - Bodycount.

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chasedagreat3095d ago

4/5 what game was u playing
more like 2/5

MidnytRain3095d ago

I know right! A varying opinion?! GTFO!

Jdub895O3095d ago

must be this guys first Fps game.

user8586213095d ago

Ill wait until more credible reviewers give it a score...

CZUM3095d ago (Edited 3095d ago )

Embargo drops tommorow 10 GMT.

hiredhelp3095d ago

I actually felt bit let down by this when played the demo.
I was hoping be BLACK but not only it didnt feel like black the graphics wasnt there.
Didnt seem like they used there ego engine 3 eaither dam shame.

Jdub895O3095d ago (Edited 3095d ago )

Sorry i have to comment again. Explain to me why this game deserves a 4 outta 5? Nobody in this gen will enjoy this game. Im really not trying to hate on this game but fareal....trying to save you some money for the real games coming out this year.

Black by far was a great shooter i enjoyed before the ps3 days...but this game is awful in graphics and gameplay. I would pay 5 bucks for this game at the most.I feel sorry for those who buy this game better yet ill laugh at you :D

MidnytRain3095d ago

Nobody will enjoy this game? This is close-mindedness if I've ever seen it. Your tastes, or that of those you know, do not apply to everyone on this planet. Duh!

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