Driver: San Francisco - Reviving a dead series

Driver, that dynamic and action-packed driving game from 1999, was arguably one of the best titles available on the original PlayStation. Its design and style was especially reminiscent of the car chase films of the 60s and 70s and this is ultimately where the game got a lot of its charm.

Unfortunately, the series as been anything but entertaining since. Aside from two mobile games and a decent PSP title, Driver's console outings have been quite disappointing, especially when you consider the potential laid out by the original's quality.

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Quagmire3100d ago

This game is horrible, so consider it still dead.

panch0t0rt1lla3100d ago

obviously ign, gamespot, and several other big name reviewers would disagree with you.

mcstorm3100d ago

Ive played the Demo and really like the game it plays well and looks good but because of the time it has been released I think the sales will be poor. I hope im wrong as games like Split/Second Alan Wake ect should of had better sales and I think this is going to be another one to add to the list.

spacedelete3100d ago

"obviously ign, gamespot and several other big name reviewers would disagree with you."

and reviewers opinions matter? most of them get paid off and have you forgot driver 3 which got 9/10s yet look how that turned out.