343 Industries' O'Connor Speaks Out On Halo: Anniversary's New Visuals

Gamasutra: While the upcoming Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary bills itself as a faithful recreation of the Xbox classic, franchise overseer 343 Industries took some liberties with the game's enhanced visuals to differentiate the title from its 2001 predecessor.

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user8586213093d ago

If only this was a remake, it would have been nice if they remade the encounter with the flood and gave it more of a doom 3 feel, because of the sense of isolation and encountering a new and more powerful enemy

wwm0nkey3093d ago

No, Halo CE's flood encounter was great. I am happy this is just a remake with better graphics rather than a retelling. Also its much better than just getting a 1080p version of a PS2/Xbox game lol

MasterD9193093d ago

This should surpass the original in every way.