Is Deus Ex: Human Revolution Portraying Racist Stereotypes? You Decide

JHS: “If you walk around Detroit, you’ll find this person.”

This was the description of the user submitted video in the clip below.

It has been some time since I have visited the fine city of Detroit, so long that it now has a new baseball stadium and has since handed its most valuable companies over to the government. But I do not recall the majority, or even a minority of the many people I encountered, being similar to the character “Latisha” depicted in the newly released video game, Deus Ex: Human Revolution.

Latisha is digging around in the trash and dropping dayyummms like it’s going out of style. The event in the video game was seemingly overlooked by only the game’s developers, but many of the fans who have played the game, or have seen the above clip, are up in arms about it.

Have you EVER met a black person who actually spoke like this?


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JellyJelly3100d ago

Lol! That was pretty bad. And Jensen sounds like the most constipated main character ever.

ATi_Elite3099d ago (Edited 3099d ago )

"*Massive fart* Oh Dayuum Latisha *Fart* I gotta take a Ooooh *fart* Shite! Do Ya *wet fart* OH NO my draws! got any toilet paper? lol

Why does Jensen sound like a lame Clint Eastwood rip-off? Why does LaTisha sound like a man at first?

I understand the disparity in LaTisha's character cause she talks like an Old house Negro Slave and yeh that is ignorant and offensive to some!

LOGICWINS3098d ago (Edited 3098d ago )

But I personally know black women that speak that way. Ever been to New Orleans?

Then again, this game takes place 50 years in the future right? Ud think people wouldn't speak that way anymore.

buddymagoo3098d ago (Edited 3098d ago )

Everyone gets stereotyped, the Irish, English, Arabs, Chinese, Africans just deal with it.

How do you think the Arabs feel always being portrayed as the bad guy never mind some silly accent of one black women. Sensitive much???

lalalala3098d ago

I was more worried that she sounded like a guy.

Pixel_Pusher3098d ago

racist? no. hilarious? yes.

beans3098d ago

It's only racist when your thinking like one.

rezzah3098d ago

Its only negative racism when you act out knowing that you are racists.

People can still commit types of racism with out even knowing it, subconsciously.

VileAndVicious3098d ago

I'm african american, and I wasnt offened Ive beaten the game and I remember talking to her and laughing at the voice acting for her.
Fact is, some people talk like that. I would have been offended if ALL the black characters talked this way in the game but latisha is just a random hobo going through the trash.
I think this article its just a bunch of sensational non sense.

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Amphion3098d ago

I don't know... I bees workin with a lot of dem folks and they bees all talking like this....

Sam if you read this.... I am just f'n around.

TBM3098d ago

Hahaha its cool bro, I love this game but at no time did I think any of it was racist why? Because I wasn't looking for it im black and from NYC and see homeless ppl rummaging through the garbage cans black, white, all races.

If you think this is bad then cole from Gears is downright offensive because I don't go around talking like that.

BinaryMind3098d ago

Yeah, this is obviously just another attempt to start a controversy ala the Fox News Mass Effect incident.

Pozzle3100d ago (Edited 3100d ago )

I can't help but think the devs didn't intend on her sounding like that...but then whoever cast the voice actress decided to be a dick and said "sound as stereotypical as you can! mwahahaha!" The slang/voice just doesn't seem to match her appearance. It's like watching an awkward outdated blackface skit.

dericb113100d ago (Edited 3100d ago )

They did a great job having so many different races and cultures in this game I honestly ignored her for the most part. First game to come out that seems real about the world.

We should give them credit WorldStarHiphop. I'm black and very happy the game is diverse. If you can't accept that some mistakes are made I feel for you.

I also notice they make no complaint about the hot black over cover office who you get the side mission from. Guess its a pick and chose for hits :(

MintBerryCrunch3099d ago (Edited 3099d ago )

so wait, accents can be construed to be racist now?

what about Jakob in GTA IV, half the time we didnt even understand what he was saying, does that make Jamaicans look bad?

give me a break, im pretty sure there are people out there with accents like this, just as there are people from other parts of the world with thick accents, just because a game company is portraying something that is normal for some people such as having an accent, there is no point in screaming racism

people need to stop being so damn sensitive, there are far more controversial games out there than Deus Ex,

do we all remember when someone bitched about RE5 being racist because all the zombies were black? was it hard for people to understand that it took place in africa?

pretty sad that common sense is thrown out the window with things like this

Pozzle3099d ago (Edited 3099d ago )

I don't think it's the accent the author's complaining about. It's more the manly voice and the 'slave slang' that makes her sound like those old racist movies and cartoons from the 30s and 40s:

Simon_Brezhnev3098d ago

Your right it does sound like slang from 30s and 40s. Mint calling people sensitive seem like your the one overreacting.

VileAndVicious3098d ago (Edited 3098d ago )

Dude...i live in atlanta. There are alot if people that talk that way here. Like I said in my above post if every black character in this game talked like her i'd be offended. But the truth is this is actually a dialect.

pixelsword3098d ago (Edited 3098d ago )

@ vile:

That's kinda the point of the whole article:

You live in Atlanta; that's the South; so I guess you sound like that as well I guess as well as a lot of people as you said.

That was Detroit. No one sounds like that in Detroit; and I don't mean all of the black people, I mean no one of any race. I lived in Detroit, the only people who sounded like that were on television during re-runs from old movies on the weekends. And yes, I know; people can move, but why is that the only thick and stereotyped accent in the game that know of.

I hate to say this, but most of the accents in Robocop were apt except the kid in robocop 2, The Mayor, and Robocop himself, ironically. anyone else I can't recall.

That's the difference.

VileAndVicious3098d ago


No. lol I do not talk like that.
I may live here. But not I sir...not I. Lol

But so true the game may take place in detroit but as you said people do move from place to place (apparently even in the future). But the argument of this particular article would be more valid if all or most if the african american NPCs talked liked her. But I suppose you consider it a tad bit stereotypical.

pixelsword3098d ago

Actually, it would make sense if everyone sounded like the homeless woman in Detroit to some degree if that's the accent-range of the city;

My main point is that that's not even an accent in that region of the United States; she's so out of place it's like you ought to have found a time machine or luggage next to her.

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BlackTar1873098d ago

Good post mint.

People are way to sensitive. it is ridiculous the amount of race issues being played when it would hurt no one to just go with it. You really think they did this as some sick joke because the evil man is racist.

Give it up the people who keep racism alive are the ones who try and convince everyone everything is racist.

VileAndVicious3098d ago

I both agree with you and disagree with you. As a minority of the south I can assure you racism does exist. Its not going anywhere either. It has nothing to do with sensitivity (in the case of this article however it does.) I have the notion from your comment you may not be a minority or have experienced it.

But I agree it exists because people allow it to. There are many people who like to cry wolf which de sensitizes everyone from true racism. Especially in today s society.

BlackTar1873098d ago

Thanks for the Post Vile and thanks for being respectful.

I guess int he sense you speak of it because i am white and we are the minority here in California. I grew up in a poor all black neighborhood in fresno and oakland, ca so my racism was a little different but still highly effected me going through high school and all the things related with living in those areas. I'll tell you i was never treated with any special care i was def. treated one and the same.

I do not live there anymore but i have Friends i still visit there and other parts of the Bayarea that being white is def. not the trump card.

Before you guys think im some troubled I am not I was i have moved on in my life for the better.

iceman063098d ago

I would also agree and disagree. People are sensitive about race and race issues because there still are issues about race. You punch someone enough times in the are...there's bound to be a bruise. I am NOT saying that I agree with the article. I just disagree with your premise that "people who keep racism alive are the ones who try and convince everyone everything is racist". Racism is alive because of ignorance, stupidity, and to an extent because it is part of the tapestry of society. Crying wolf is one thing...and I absolutely agree with you on that point. But, ignoring the history of wolves or their very existence is another. I hate the "get over it" idea simply because it asks people to ignore the issue and just deal with it.

DrFUD3099d ago

I gave her a beer I found in the garbage can

ATi_Elite3097d ago (Edited 3097d ago )

was the beer 211?
Cause that's the favorite drink of bums.

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